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New Peruvian Food restaurant in Austin? Anyone tried it?

I just went to La Chaparrita this weekend. I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised to find carapulcra on their menu! You get a lot of yummy food for the price, so I would definitely recommend it. The main drawback is that it's in Highland Mall's food court, so it's not a place for a fancy date.
The couple who run it are very nice and were trying to entice passersby to try Peruvian food (so many people had never tried it before). They told me that they are working on a website and currently have a Facebook page. The address above is not correct (that's a Mexican restaurant way out in Jonestown).
Their correct address is:
6001 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX, 78752

Facebook page:

Article from local newspaper El Mundo (in Spanish):

La Chaparrita
6001 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

Feb 07, 2011
nelle2343 in Austin

New Peruvian Food restaurant in Austin? Anyone tried it?

I think it's La Chaparrita which is in the food court of Highland Mall. I haven't been there to try it yet but plan to soon. Here's a Yelp review I found:

Jan 29, 2011
nelle2343 in Austin