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Where to buy cotton candy floss sugar in Toronto/mississauga?

I know this was posted 4 years ago; but, it's great info for anyone looking for cheap floss sugar. Buy the coloured decorator sugar from The Bulk Barn. It works great, it's cheap, and you can get as much or as little as you want.

Fair Killing in Kitchener

Thanks, your link should prove helpful.

How do you manage to get dinner on the table?

I am a firefighter and slowcookers shouldn't be a fire hazard (unless there are problems with the wiring, etc.) It's about placement and contents of the slowcooker as well. As long as the slowcooker is full of food and cooking away, it should not get hot enough to cause a fire; however, you should be conscious about where your place the slowcooker so that it isn't in contact with items that are combustible like tea towels, curtains, etc. I use a slow cooker all the time (especially when we are at home sleeping) and use either a slow cooker with a built in timer or I have bought one of those light timers ( the ones you usually use to have your livingroom lights or Christmas lights turn off or on automatically) and hooked the slowcooker up to . That way I don't have to worry about it and most importantly the food doesn't overcook. That should help solve that worry about slowcookers.

Jan 29, 2011
Firefightra in Home Cooking

Fair Killing in Kitchener

Does anyone know of farms or companies in the Kitchener area that raise, transport, and slaughter their animals humanely? Truthfully, I am looking for a family farm or something to that extent since I am located near St. Jacobs and all those farms! Anybody out there that has a good, fair, and humane farmer/butcher that they can recommend?
And now the rant (I put it after my question so you don't really have to read on if you don't want to)! I have have read a bunch of posts regarding the fair treatment of our meat when it comes to raising them; however, I can't find anything regarding the humane treatment of our animals/meat when we transport them and slaughter them. I am really appalled at the butchering processes that a lot of companies subscribe to (ie: slaughtered infront of eachother, crammed in trucks during transport, etc.). I know that there are a bunch of companies out there that raise their meat humanely without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones; but, can't really find any places that tell about their transport and slaughter process (with the exception of The Healthy Butcher; but, they are crazy pricy and am trying to find something a little less expensive). Any suggestions?

The Healthy Butcher
565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

Dried mushrooms

I just bought a huge plastic jar of dried mushrooms at Costco. The Kitchener Costco has them and they are in the fresh produce isle with the potatoes, tomatoes, etc. It's from The Wild Mushroom Co and it's called "Gourmet Mix Mushrooms." It's a full pound (454 g) of dried mushrooms and includes 25% Porcini, 25% Shiitake, 25% Yello boletes, and 25% Oyster mushrooms. I don't know where you're located and if you could find them; but, if you're in the Kitchener area they definately have them. Oh yeah, and if I recall they are between $12 - $14 - a very good price for the amount you get!!!

Porcini Restaurant
900 Erie St E, Windsor, ON N9A3Y8, CA