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St. Marcellin cheese in Toronto?

Thank you very much, I will try these places this weekend

St. Marcellin cheese in Toronto?

We had this cheese in Paris earlier this year and fell in love with it, recently I had the craving for it again but could not find in my local cheese store (Grande). I'm wondering if anyone has seen any store carrying it? (preferrably in the uptown area)

Thanks in advance for any inputs, cheers!

Wine Pairing for Pressed Duck (Canard a la Presse)

thanks for the reply, while doing research, I got the wine choices from this article ( , 2nd paragraph under Tender Crabs), plus there will be 2 fois gras dishes that night too so I'd assume a sweet wine would be a matching choice.

For Burg and Bord do you have any specific village/chateau/domaine you can reccommend?

Would Champagne work in this dinner too?

Jul 12, 2012
Blackham in Wine

Wine Pairing for Pressed Duck (Canard a la Presse)

Not much info regarding to this dish online. So I'm wondering if any of you has done a wonderful pairing and would like to share.

The wine I have in mind:
Sweet wine (Sauternes/Barsac)

Jul 12, 2012
Blackham in Wine

Food suggestions for a bday

It's my gf's birthday next week and I want to treat her something special. I am wondering if you fellow chowhounds can come up with some good suggestions, here's the criteria:

1) she doesn't eat meat (seafood is okay though), so I am looking for a place w/ a good vegetarian/seafood menu.Even better if there's a restaurant that specializes a good tasting menu for her preference.

2) looking for a bistro/fine dining type of setting, we don't want sushi bar in this occasion. Good decor/atmosphere a plus.

3) My budget's around $100-150 for 2 people (without wine)

4) Downtown Toronto area preferred, but anywhere in GTA is good

Thanks in advance for the suggesions!

Ice is the secret

thanks for the advise, i almost threw out a dirty decanter

Jan 11, 2012
Blackham in Wine

Overpriced wine in Toronto (moved from Ontario board)

I understand the frustration.. I used to get ripped off alot before I learned about wine. Now I only order wines that I cannot get from the LCBO, or I go to restaurants that have cheap/free corkage fee (nota bene after 9 for example).

or you can become a frequent diner, develop a good relationship with one restaurant. Tip the server well, and they'll remember you the 3rd or 4th time you visit. I've gotten corkage fee waived, discount on wine, even free sample in my local italian restaurant.

I usually buy $20 wines at LCBO so the price difference compared to US may only be a few dollars, and I took alot of their vintage magazines to offset for the extra cost, their paper bags are free too and they're good for scooping cat litter :) . At LCBO we may get hit on high tax, but at least their prices are honest. I once saw a Ravenswood zinfandel marked $35 in a supermarket in Washington, which only cost us $19 here.

Oct 12, 2011
Blackham in Wine

TN: A Chateau Musar Vertical (2003-1966)

I know what you mean there, one time I saw someone was looking for this wine in the store but the staff could not find the stock at all, double checked everything and ended up finding 2 cases at the back of the shelf

I am in the middle camp, I've read alot about the wine but were always hesitant to try one because of its price/origin

Thanks for the tasting note, now I want to buy one and try it

Oct 12, 2011
Blackham in Wine

Reading labels

If that 05 Margaux disappeared from the shelf in the Woodbine/Hwy 7 store, I would assume that it's you who bought it :P its been sitting there for more than a year.

I would strongly recommend getting a copy of Food & Wine Magazine''s Wine Guide 2011. You can easily find one in Chapter's/Indigo or other newstands, gives you basic info on every major wine region which is easier to digest for a beginner, also teaches you to read different wine labels and introduces you the more well-known producers. It only costs around $10, pocket sized so you can carry it around on the train or use it as a "cheat sheet" when you go wine shopping.


May 26, 2011
Blackham in Wine

Red wine with Steak

I usually pack 1-2 extra bottles and never had a problem (maybe I'm lucky). Be honest w/ the custom officer when asked about the alcohol, and they won't give you too much trouble.

May 19, 2011
Blackham in Wine

Red wine with Steak

Here are my recommendation, they are of different styles (super tuscan vs st. emilion) so you might want to buy both and do a little experimenting.

VINTAGES 211458 | 750 mL bottle

VINTAGES 199117 | 750 mL bottle

both are available in the Hwy 7/McCowan store

If you're having problems to select a wine in the future, grab yourself a vintage magazine (available free from LCBO, or view at Lots of new releases biweekly, skip the scores/ratings, go straight to the tasting notes and you'll learn fast.

May 19, 2011
Blackham in Wine

Kopi Luwak coffee in GTA ?

rocket fuel also has them

Current Favourite Dim Sum Restaurants in Richmond Hill with Rolling Carts

My favorite is Tai Wu on Hwy 7/Kennedy

I used to work in dim sum places when I was a kid I'd say 11:45-12:00 is the time when it begins to get line ups. 11:00 is a good time

Vintages March 19 release: some notes on modestly priced wines.

thanks for the recommendation, any suggestion for a portuguese wine?

Brix (Richmond Hill)

I go there for a cigar every week in the summer time, but only dined there twice. First time I ordered fries w/ three-cheese and a lamb rack and they were exceptionally good. However I didn't had much luck w/ the burger in my second visit, as it was very dry and overcooked. I'd say the service is top-notch, the waitresses can remember my name the second time and brought me a cigar astray without asking.

Yonge/Steeles reco

+1 on Kenzo and Me Va Me

I'd like to recommend Home of Hot Taste (5 Glen Cameron Road, inside the red lobster plaza). They specialize in their chicken dishes and do try their fried chicken/wings

138 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON , CA