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Looking for best Indian, Italian in North End, and resto on Newbury St.!

here are some of my favorites, and chowhound-ish.

my favorite indian in the city has to be india quality on commonwealth in kenmore square, hands down. their food is to die for, but note "medium" on their richter scale of heat is higher than most others. you've been warned. :)

other options are punjabi dhabi in inman, but less T-accessible. IQ still my all time favorite.

north end options:
- antico forno for the best red sauce in the city.
- while in the area, swing by neptune oyster (mm).
- pizzeria regina is an institution, as well as mike's pastry (try the lobster tail if you're adventurous, it's all confection, promise) or modern pastry.

lunch on newbury ... well, if the weather is nice, charlie's has a great outdoor seating space, and typical american fare. there's also sonsie, which is wonderful for people watching, and reasonable for lunch. parish cafe down by the common on the next street over, boylston is also great for lunch, with killer cocktails and really interesting sandwiches.

enjoy your trip! happy eating!

ISO harissa (to purchase, not a Baraka rec)

thanks all! :)

ISO harissa (to purchase, not a Baraka rec)

I love collecting new sauces, pastes, spice blends and what not, and have recently been interested in delving into Moroccan cooking.

Does anyone know where I can buy harissa in the Boston / Cambridge area? I don't have a car, so it would need to reasonably accessible via train, bus and/or walking. Any ideas?

And beyond that, and must try Moroccan recipes for someone new to it?


boston foodie needs recs - eating solo

ah, and i do love scrabble. i think that just bumped kilgours up the list. :) thanks again!

boston foodie needs recs - eating solo

thanks for the great recs, guys and gals. really appreciate the help. will have to give this a bit more in depth look tonight :)

thanks again! speaking of food ... time for dinner.

boston foodie needs recs - eating solo

I'll be coming in to toronto tomorrow during the day for a day and a half long conference at the University of Toronto. I should be in the city by lunch time tomorrow, without any commitments until about 7 that night. I'm staying right by the University, at the Holiday in on Bloor Street and am looking for some recs. I'll have a rental car, too.

As per usual, I'll be traveling and eating alone, so no need for super fancy. Any ideas for must hit places with great food and atmosphere that are reasonably priced? Also, recs on coffeshops (preferably with wifi) where I can camp for the afternoon? I'm open to all sorts of food, love ethnic cuisine of all kinds, and trying to avoid sitting at the bar of TGIFridays.

chowhounders, can you help? I leave in the morning.

Many thanks -

Good cheap lunch spot in Allston/Brighton or Charlestown?

I second Sunset, though I'm partially biased since I used to work there. Also, the food court in Super 88 provides a wealth of options, and highly recommend the noodle kitchen on the side (entrance thru the parking lot). Common Ground has some decent hearty paninis and mac n' cheese that often hit the spot. Depending on how much you may be able to slightly push your friend to be mildly adventurous, try to go to Gitlo's and Cafe Brasil. Bribe them with cheesy karaoke at do-re-mi if you need to :)

Learning to Love the Haymarket

I love Haymarket ... and have gone there regularly on Saturday mornings for the last 5 years, since I was in college. I almost always go with a list, which really helps ... and after this many Saturdays down there - you begin to know the vendors, which is key. There are the vendors that a little flirting can get me 3 extra oranges from the non-bruised box, there are the chain-smoking vendors with yellowed fingernails that scam people every week, there's the man that after a few fights after giving me rotten produce (and i do mean "fight") knows never to try again, and the butcher who loves to freak out passerbys with the goat heads and flopping fish.

I will say though, that after this long going, going earlier in the morning is key. Some friends from Berkeley first tried to fight me on this - saying the prices should of course drop in the afternoon -- which sometimes they do - but at that point, I wouldn't eat the produce. Early in the morning assures better quality, less people, and as much peace as you could probably get.

Also, outside of some of the Asian vendors in the middle, the man with herbs and yuccas down by the Point, and an odd bargain, the vendors when you walk in from the McCormick and Shmicks side (there are about 5 in that first pass) are by far the best quality and most reliable.

Ones to *avoid* - Maybe 3-4 into the middle from the McCormicks side is the booth with huge signs saying "do not touch". They're by far the biggest scammers there. It's remarkable to see people fall for it. Also, there's an older man on the far side by the seafood that yells at customers, who drives me nuts.

Otherwise, I recommend bringing a list, always checking your bag, don't be afraid to argue a little, and the Middle Eastern bread (mmm, the armenian bread especially) is always fresh and so cheap. Enjoy!

A tale of two King Fung Gardens

that's bizarre. i had read that the ownership had changed before heading there mid- november. i hadn't been for a full peking duck dinner since may, and did miss the 12-year-old surly server (i think he's 12 now? or 11), but the waitress immediately recognized me from previous visits, the food was still outstanding and i'm a snob when it comes to scallion pancakes, buckwheat noodles and duck. there have been times a year ago that the duck wasn't as crispy or what not, but that's just general fluctuations in restaurant food.

have to say though, all 15 of us were delightfully pleased, with a number of king fung vets in tote. note - we only go to the one in chinatown. outside of dok bua and rod dee, i avoid all asian food places, especially restaurant duplicates in brookline, after living there for 2.5 years. ;)

sorry you had a less than favorable experience, but i wouldn't let that dissuade other chowhounds from keeping gems like king fung thriving.


sadly, no. just like yuengling, their distribution excludes certain parts of new england. fat tires, last i checked, practically cut the country in half. all you can find in boston are fat tire neon signs.

Restaurant Week(s): March, 2008. Where are YOU going?

Went to Azure Monday night (one of the few places that are vegetarian friendly for my guest's sake) - had a surprisingly good meal consisting of the beet and goat cheese salad for a starter, the lamb t-bones for my entree, and the chocolate cake for dessert (though, after stealing a bite from my friend, go for the lemon bread pudding).

Question for all you Chowhounders regarding next week's dinner options -- My BF is leaving it up to me to choose a restaurant to go to next week. I have standing reservations at Meritage on Thursday night and Gargoyles on the Square on Friday. I'm leaning towards Meritage, but looking for input since I haven't been to either. Thoughts?

Bottega Fiorentina on Newbury is open!

where is the newbury street store located?

in need of birthday dinner recommendations

a free birthday dinner? sounds too good to be true :) thank you both for the suggestions!

in need of birthday dinner recommendations

looking for a reasonably priced restaurant for this coming weekend to celebrate my birthday. normally, picking a place to go would be easy, but for some reason, i'm stuck. looking for help from fellow chowhounders. here are the basic requirements:

- not looking to break the bank

- must be in boston area and T accessible

- looking to serve between 3 and 8

- must have either a byob policy (e.g., dok bua) or a bar. it is my birthday, after all :)

with that said, no dietary preferences ... pretty open to types of food. among my favorite places are dok bua, india quality, taiwan cafe, picco, and tacos lupita. any suggestions?