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Enrico's Pastry Shop of Hartsdale to move and expand

I totally agree. One more thing; the Sfogliatelle is as hard as a hockey puck. Blasphemy!

Enrico's Pastry Shop of Hartsdale to move and expand

Here are some other complaints from YELP:

Enrico's Pastry Shop of Hartsdale to move and expand

I'm sorry but I have to agree with eatermom. Having 1st hand experience with a child who worked for them it's safe to say they are just not nice people. They are completely disorganized and leave managing staff to 17 year olds, who relay threats by the owner of being fired, if you can't make it in to handle a shift on minutes notice. On numerous occasions Joe's wife (Michelle) has texted my kid while at school to come into work. NOT COOL. Ultimately, my kid was fired by another teen for not taking a shift she told the owners she could not make. Now they won't pay her for the hours she did work. WTH? She's 15! She has chalked it up to a life lesson learned.

I've heard numerous tales of horrendous treatment of employees, particularly the minority bakers, and rude treatment by Joe to customers as well. I think these people are going to put themselves out of business over the bad rap they are deservingly getting, because their product is just not good enough to put up with the bad attitude. It's a shame.

Aside from that I've sampled almost all of their goods. The jelly donuts are fab and I could eat a dozen at a time, the cannolis are sub-par and inconsistent, the cookies are MEH, they do not bake their own bread (shipped in from another bakery) the cakes are average, the pies are good but if you're looking for banana cream, go to Galloway's in Eastchester. During the Summer months the ices are delicious but they are shipped in. Pat (from the Cheesery) is a doll and all of her goods, cheese, smoked fish, are terrific and I wish her good luck in the store.