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Your Favorite Ethnic Dives in DC Area?

For Ethiopian, Zenebech recommendation seconded. Not a dive in any way anymore, but still cheap and excellent.

For Salvadoran, Ercilia's in Columbia Heights is nice too.

How is the Royal Green restaurant at Sterling Farms in Stamford?

I was hoping for some specific information. Even bad restaurants often have a least-bad item.

Jun 04, 2013
Benquo in Southern New England

How is the Royal Green restaurant at Sterling Farms in Stamford?

OK, we went, here was my experience:

The dining room is clean and has lost of sunlight. The waitstaff were friendly but not very competent. My club sandwich had soft bacon and lots of mayonnaise. I asked for mustard and got honey mustard instead. On the second try I got mustard.

My girlfriend's steak was a little dry and tough, but edible.

My grandmother asked for her French toast extra moist, which they promised they'd do, and didn't. They also forgot the (soggy) bacon that was supposed to come with it.

My mom got poached eggs on crab cakes, both of which were which were actually okay.

They must have at least done an okay job accommodating my sister's nut allergy, as nothing bad happened to her.

So if you absolutely have to go there for brunch, get something involving crab cakes and/or eggs.

Jun 04, 2013
Benquo in Southern New England

How is the Royal Green restaurant at Sterling Farms in Stamford?

My family is going there for brunch. How is it? Anything in particular I should try or avoid?

Jun 02, 2013
Benquo in Southern New England

Best Sandwich in D.C.

Then I better get down to Cork Market. Thanks for the rec!

Best Sandwich in D.C.


First time in DC, and a week in Virginia - Tips?

I second the Ethiopian rec - go to Zenebech or any of the places around 9th and U

DC does have Thai X-Ing, which is excellent (and unique: a Thai Chef's Choice menu for $20-40 depending on the night, BYOB, in a dining room that's basically the basement of a rowhouse), and Little Serow, which I hear great things about.

First time in DC, and a week in Virginia - Tips?

DGS imports their bagels from Montreal's St. Viateur Bagels. They're quite good.

First time in DC, and a week in Virginia - Tips?

I second the Ray's rec, in Arlington or Silver Spring.

3 1/2 days in DC

True, but the times I've gone there after he left, it just wasn't as good. Still good, but not great.

3 1/2 days in DC

I found Fiola disappointing (the mixed fish for two was just kind of meh, other things were good but not amazing), would suggest Tosca over it.

3 1/2 days in DC

Unfortunately Vidalia isn't what it once was; the chef moved on to Rogue 24, you might check it out if it's in your price/time range.

3 1/2 days in DC

If you're staying near the New York Ave station, that's within walking distance of the new Union Market, which has a lot of cool stuff.

I think Thai X-Ing is new-ish in its current form. Informal, BYOB chef's choice prix fixe Thai. $20-40 pp depending on the night, I think.

In the same area, Zenebech has remodeled, looks nicer, and is still awesome.

Kushi is an Izakaya-style place, great small plates and sushi.

Ceiba, Acadiana, and Churchkey are excellent.

Best Sandwich in D.C.

Have you been to SUNdeVICH? I've tried a little more than half their menu, it's all awesome except for the Isfahan.

Menu Weaknesses

Arucola's roast chicken ($13, on the pizza menu, not listed with the $20-30 entrees) is an obvious hidden weakness.

The pickles (including beans) are free at the bar at Dino during happy hour, add a happy hour priced cocktail and an appetizer and you've got a full meal for not much.

The soup and half grilled cheese of the day at Blue 44 is usually awesome, and $11.

College kids in D.C. for the week

I'd like to second (third? fourth?) the request for specificity. DC is big, it would be helpful to know where downtown the kid(s) will be and what their preferences are.

First time in DC, and a week in Virginia - Tips?

Georgetown in DC is great for cupcakes (Baked and Wired for big cakelike ones, Georgetown Cupcake if you like smaller elaborately frosted cupcakes).

Near Eastern Market, there's Ted's Bulletin, which has pop-tarts made from scratch and a nice selection of milkshakes and more generally old-fashioned American diner food.

As far as food trucks go, if you see Takorean or Carnivore BBQ you should try it.

First time in DC, and a week in Virginia - Tips?

I would steer away from Oyamel now, they used to be awesome, but they've started to really decline. For Mexican food in DC, unfortunately I'd say the best options are El Centro DF and Rosa Mexicano (upscale). Downscale, there's Ercilia's, a nice though very casual Salvadoran place, and a few taco places I don't know much about.

skeptical first timer - Dukem, Etete, or Ethiopic?

I second the recommendation for Zenebech. Everyone I've taken there loves it.


I would second the Martin's Tavern recommendation. Nothing on the menu is particularly exciting, but the standards are all flawlessly prepared.


In Cleveland Park, Dino waives corkage on Monday and Tuesday (and Wednesday? not sure).

Charlie Palmer waives corkage for American wines every day and all wines on Fridays.

Homemade Pasta?

Dino in Cleveland Park also makes pasta fresh, in-house.

Homemade Pasta?

Vace is good to know about, but just to be clear, it's just a deli, you can buy things to go or to take home, but you can't sit and eat there, and they don't sell ready-to-eat pasta - at least at the Cleveland Park location, I haven't been to the Bethesda location.

UPDATE: Oops, I misread, nytdct is right.

3315 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC 20008

Family of 8!

Since you're trying to accomodate lots of different tastes, with a limited budget, that probably means you want to stick with good-but-safe options that cater to lots of different taste profiles. I'd recommend checking out one of the Busboys and Poets locations; I know the 5th and k location can easily handle large parties like hers.

Clyde's is also a good safe option.

Accomodation for special medical diets in Baltimore

I'm having a family dinner in Baltimore this Friday, and we have two people on special diets. One needs no added salt, the other is on a temporary low-iodine diet, so no egg yolks, no fish, no iodized salt, limited meat...

Does anyone know of restaurants in the area that have been especially accomodating and careful for people with special dietary needs?