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Holy buckets, I have a new favorite cookie!! The dough is a "tad" tempermental, meaning it does crack a bit when you first start rolling it out but it is VERY forgiving and takes well to re-rolling the scraps. I just used canned Dulce de Leche and it worked wonderfully! SO tempted to put a drizzle of chocolate on them!! And toasted coconut?? Oh, my the possibilites!! I used the Linzer cookie cutters from Wilton so each one had a little flower window on them and they looked AMAZING! Thanks for a wonderful recipe!!

Apr 13, 2013
Bubink in Recipes


Oklahoma Joes. Its been featured on numerous TV shows, including Anthony Bordains, as being one of the best. Has won all sorts of awards and is definitely on the top of my list for the KC area. Have sent tons of people there and none have been disappointed. I think there are three locations so you have a bit to pick from.

Jan 18, 2013
Bubink in Great Plains

Scarlet Harlot

Made this last year about this time and the cherries are back in season so time to get out the cherry pitter!! This ones a winner!

Jul 03, 2012
Bubink in Recipes

Stop Bashing Paula Deen

I think what is shameful about the Paula Deen bashers is that you can't even BEGIN to phathom what its like being diagnosed with diabetes. You think everyone will point the finger at YOU because of how you eat or lack of exercise but it can strike anybody due to family history, stress and yes, diet. Releasing personal, medical information is YOUR business, not the whole worlds!! No one is making anybody cook her recipes, no one is making anybody buy the foods she promotes and noboday has to use the medicine she endorses. Those are personal choices. Shame on ALL of you that buy into the "they deserve it" mentality. Shame, shame, shame...what has happened to compassion?

Jan 18, 2012
Bubink in Features

Meatless Monday: Communist Plot? Or Terrorist Trick?

Being a Catholic growing up, going meatless one day a week was a given. Have to say, though, I find the meals that are posted on various websites on Monday a refreshing look at dropping meat at every dinner. Do I make the meals on Monday?? No, but I inevitably save them and use them during the week. It broadens the types of meals I offer to my family. And just curious?? Where does Berman think vegetables come from?? Wouldn't this movement make it better for ALL farmers, not just meat producers, to make a go at ALL agribusiness??

Oct 02, 2011
Bubink in Features

Omaha Downtown - recommendations

Omaha has it's fair share of good eats but a few stand out:
-Bohemian Cafe on 13th street. This place has been there forever and is as good as when I went as a kid. Hearty portions of breaded pork, Czech goulash or paprika chicken with bread dumplings, sweet/sour cabbage and a salty, delicious liver dumpling soup to start. Rye bread is made locally and if you have room, try a kolache for dessert. (Can you tell I might be Czech, LOL!) Lunch portions are about half the size of dinner but are still very generous. $8 and iced tea or coffee is included.
-Guaca Maya in South Omaha. Located next to what used to be the Stockyards, a converted office building has an awesome Mexican restaurant. Not your typical Americanized place, tortillas and guacamole are made from scratch in front of you. Lunch buffet is SO worth going to. Food that seriously tastes like a Grandma is in the back making it just for you.
-Stella's Hamburgers in Bellevue. Again, been there forever but was recently taken over by the grand-niece of the orginal owner. She gutted the place, did a complete re-do but kept the original flattop cooker so the burgers are the same juicy, deliciousness that every body remembers. Fries are fresh cut and be sure to ask for them crispy as they'll cook them to a wonderful crunchy outside, moist inside bowl of goodness. Oh, and no plates for the burgers. All served on white napkins.
-Finally, Crescnt Moon Ale House-Located on 35th and Farnum, this place was recently named one of the top 100 beer bars in American by Draft magazine. TONS of beer on tap but also the BEST reuben sandwich, which was originally created in the Blackstone Hotel which sits kittycornered from the bar. Homemade corned beef on marbled rye, seriously good eats. As an added bonus, awesome wings and great fried pickles.

I could go on and on. Catfish Lake and Korea House in Bellevue, Laos Thai Market in South O, La Casa pizza for a pastry-like crust and La Buvette in the Old Market for one of the coolest places to have a bottle of wine and bistro food. We may not have a pro football team or pro baseball team, heck, or mountains but we do have GOOD food!!

Hope you have a great time visiting Omaha!!

La Casa
4432 Leavenworth St, Omaha, NE 68105

Jan 26, 2011
Bubink in Great Plains