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Menu items that have "jumped the shark" in DC

- Korean tacos
- flatbreads (i.e. bad pizza)
- anything cooked 'low & slow'

Fried Smelts in N. Delaware or Delco

Does anyone know if there is there an italian market or restaurant that makes fried smelts in northern Del or Delco, PA? They are part of a italian christmas eve dinner that my husband enjoys. In his hometown area (NEPA) during the holidays you can pick them up in almost any supermarket. I'd like to get them for him but I'd rather not fry at home. Any tips would be appreciated!

Dec 05, 2011
kellyc96 in Mid-Atlantic

What's the best 'cheap eat' you ever had in DC?

Dennis S - can you name the hidden pizza place on walter reed?

crock pot losing glaze?

It worked! Thanks for the tip. The recipe was really lentil-heavy. That must have contributed. I am relieved it was just a film and not some sort of odd damage.

Aug 03, 2008
kellyc96 in Cookware

crock pot losing glaze?

I have a three-year-old Rival oval slow-cooker. I used it last night to make dinner and everything went smoothly (search mutterer's lentils and sausage on the boards, it was great) But after i cleaned and dried the crock the bottom 1/4 is cloudy. When I run my finger across it it doesn't move as smoothly as on the shiny part, there is more friction. Is it possibly that some of the glaze or another coating has come off?

I use it rarely, and always clean it with dish soap, never anything abrasive. Has anyone ever seen this before? Do you think it is safe to use? Thanks

Aug 03, 2008
kellyc96 in Cookware

What do Romanian People Eat?

I've never cooked Romanian but I've enjoyed it in restaurants. Here are links to a NYTimes review of Acasa restaurant in queens and a link to their menu.

The sour cream, polenta, cheese and egg dish is simple but really tasty.

Jul 30, 2008
kellyc96 in Home Cooking

Gov't Cheese, Where is it?

Man, that stuff makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. I haven't had one since the 80's. Sorry I don't have and more info for you - just stopping by to commiserate.

Jan 03, 2008
kellyc96 in Pennsylvania

Kuo's Peking - year of rat menu

Has anyone seen the menu for Margaret Kuo's Year of the Rat dinner at the Peking in the Granite Run mall? The website just says details coming soon. I went last year and it was a great time.

Jan 02, 2008
kellyc96 in Pennsylvania

Amy Sedaris' cookbook: good recipes?

Stephen Colbert's shrimp dip is really good. The mace is very necessary. Some folks I served it to liked it better covered in cocktail sauce.

Jun 04, 2007
kellyc96 in Home Cooking

Favorite recipes from Saveur magazine?

I *love* the Shrimp Fra Diavolo recipe in the Sauver Italian Classics vol. 2. booklet. I make it frequently. The only change I made was to fry the dried red pepper in the olive oil at the very beginning rather than add it later on in the recipe.

May 31, 2007
kellyc96 in Home Cooking

slush puppy in new york - does it exist?

I used to get them all the time at nothing-special deli in Astoria on 31st Ave and 34 th St. I was in there last week and they still have the machine.

May 30, 2007
kellyc96 in Manhattan

Milford, PA - Hotel Fauchere

My husband and I had a wonderful weekend there in April. The food was fantastic. We ate in the Delmonico Room and Bar Louis. In Bar Louis I recommend the scotch and cheese tasting and the sushi pizza. Dinner in the Delmonico Room was lovely, the frog legs were a stand-out. In Milford we also ate at the Waterwheel cafe and Balch's. Both were above average. Balch's was a recommendation from a local, very casual seafood place with excellent fish and chips and good beer. Have fun

May 09, 2007
kellyc96 in Pennsylvania

Friday visit to Sabry's (Astoria) ... any suggestions ?

correction: the tomato/dill preparation is the tangine. The "oven" preparation is for whole fish, cooked in the oven with lemon slices, tomato and onion. very good. sorry for the mix up.

Apr 01, 2007
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Friday visit to Sabry's (Astoria) ... any suggestions ?

I recommend the squid and shrimp cooked "oven" style. It comes in a fabulous tomato dill sauce. The last time i was there orders of their special shrimp appetizer were flying out of the kitchen. I didn't have one myself but it looked great. Whole shrimp in a green sauce. Maybe someone can elaborate on the sauce ingredients? Sorry I don't have more info on that.

Mar 29, 2007
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Trying to Switch from Coffee to Tea...

I have seen Barry's and Lyon's in Bravo Supermarket in Astoria on 34th Ave near 35th St. I have seen Barry's in my C-Town in Broadway and 29th also in Astoria however you should be able to find both (and lots more irish stuff) at the Butcher's Block in Sunnyside.

Mar 08, 2007
kellyc96 in Manhattan

Trying to Switch from Coffee to Tea...

I suggest an Irish tea - either Barry's or Lyon's. Strong, flavorful and best with milk and sugar or honey. These aren't specialty brands - you should be able to find them in your supermarket especially if there is an irish presence in your neighborhood.

Mar 07, 2007
kellyc96 in Manhattan

Rabbit on Long Island/Queens

In Astoria, Ponticello has a rabbit and gnocci special sometimes. Eastern Nights on Steinway and a very nice rabbit platter - a simple grilled preparation of a splittable portion.

Mar 05, 2007
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

ISO canning jars near Woodside

Kind of random but I saw some today in a discount store on Broadway between 29 and 30 th sts in Astoria. They had two sizes. There is also a store called "bargain stop" on 30th Ave around 33rd St that has them off and on.

Feb 22, 2007
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Best Korean Food??

For a more casual place but with great great food - try KunJip on 32nd St. They do not take reservations and there is usually always a line to get in but isn't that usually a good sign? Of the several places I've been on 32nd St. KunJip is my favorite. Search the board for lots of posts.

Feb 14, 2007
kellyc96 in Manhattan

"Mughal Dinner"

I ordered Saag paneer and mulligatawny the other night. I won't be trying it again. To answer the above poster, the paneer was cubed. When I ordered I didn't specify spice level b/c I wanted to see what they would send out. Both dishes were really really bland. So much so that I didn't even eat the leftovers, and that never happens.

The rice was good, raisins, almonds. But it wasn't enough to make up for the bland saag paneer and watery, chunky soup.

I understand sending out mild stuff b/c you are worried about over-spicing the customer but to receive this tasteless stuff was very disappointing.

Dec 20, 2006
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Brunch in Astoria??

not on 30th ave but I hear le san souci's brunch is very good. B'way and 40something. I've been to Tastee corner for breakfast and it was good but the usual. Nothing to write home and but nothing really new or different on their menu.

Nov 12, 2006
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Cream cheese wontons

Hong Kong take out in astoria has pretty good ones. They are listed as crab rangoon but they are very very light on the crab stick - heavy on the cream cheese. they are folded into triangles rather than bunched into purses. The rest of the food there is unremarkable. Not the worst but not great either.

Sep 15, 2006
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Le Petit Prince- New Bakery in Astoria

We've tried the same fare at this bakery. The little cakes are wonderfully moist and perfect for a small dessert. The baker behind the counter said the pale ones were banana - if so it is very subtle banana. The croissant was great, flaky and rich. It is a nice change from the greek bakeries and I'll definately be back.

Sep 14, 2006
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Hunan in Astoria - good chinese takeout meal

A few days ago we found this menu dropped off in our building for Hunan Chinese takeout 24-14 34th Ave. It seems like the standard chinese takeout menu with the notable expection of a few dishes; mala pork, mala beef, sha cha (chicken pork and beef), *blank* with hot pepper and peanut and a few others. We ordered mala pork, eggplant in garlic sauce and crab rangoon (guilty pleasure) for under $11. Delivery was fast and the food was delicious. The mala pork was actually spicy with black and red pepper and szechuan pepper corn (five spice powder?), bok choy and broccoli accompanied. The eggplant in garlic also had some nice spice to it and the eggplant was tender and creamy. crab rangoon- crabbier than others so if you order them for the cream cheese you may prefer Hong Kong's version.

Neither of the main dishes were coated in those sugary syrupy sauces that many astoria joints use. It isn't noodletown or spicy and tasty but I got the impression that Hunan actually cares about the way their food tastes. Has any one else ordered from them? And can anyone give a description of Sha Cha dishes?

Sep 13, 2006
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Kashi Vive

Has anyone seen this cereal around? My c-town in astoria was carrying it but stopped and kashi doesn't sell it on their online store. I love the stuff but would like to avoid a wild goose chase to find it. Already checked Time Warner whole foods, and Broadway Naturals in astoria. TIA

Aug 28, 2006
kellyc96 in Manhattan

Sac's Pizzeria-Astoria

In regard to the pizza I couldn't disagree more. It is one of the best pizza places in astoria and their grandma slice, which showcases their tomato sauce, is the best one I've ever had. Fresh, bright tomato taste and garlic w/o bitterness.

Aug 23, 2006
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs

Name of BBQ in Jamaica - Astoria Times

A few weeks ago there was a great review for a BBQ place in Jamaica in the Astoria Times Ledger. The paper ended up in the trash before I could write down the restaurant name and location. Anyone remember either?


Aug 02, 2006
kellyc96 in Outer Boroughs