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Went into the brand new location south of the existing one on the west side of the road (next to Alex Cheese) and this will be a dedicated opens this Sunday (Oct 21)

B&B in Muskoka region with great food??

if you go to Muskoka make sure to go to Rebecca's for dinner. But book in advance, you might struggle to get a reservation. It is approx 5 km west of Port Carling. Arrowon Pines (Algonquin) is equally amazing for food, as is Inn at Manitou. There are some B and B's in the town of Rosseau that offer close proximity to the towns of Hunstville, Bracebridge, Perry Sound and Port Carling, sorry not sure of their names!

Brick Street Bakery Sandwiches...a smidge long

BSB makes the best sandwiches in Toronto. I wish they were closer to the downtown core.

Entertaining Client in Differin/401 Area??

Oliver and Bonacini at Bayview Village (bayview and sheppard?)
Terra and Auberge are both good. Apart from chains i dont think there is much else along the 401 corridor.

Wedding "After Party"

Easy at the Fifth Resto? Schmooze?
I think you are going to struggle to find somewhere that incorporates good quality nibblies with dancing without being a nightclub and having that annoying crowd.
Laide is a fun atmosphere, perhaps not the greatest for an apres wedding with family etc...but you can certainly have a laugh and the food is good too.

Nice Desserts in Restaurants?

Brassaii and Crush both have amazing desserts. I often go to each for desserts alone.

Restos near Reynolds Plantation...

My boyfriend and I are headed to Reynolds with my parents in November. We want to take them out for a nice dinner. We are looking for something that isn't overly stuffy but nice atmosphere where the food and wine is good. Entree price of $30 is fine. I was hoping for a reccomendation somewhere outside the resort to explore the area a bit. We will have transport. Any great ideas from you lovely southern folk?

Many Thanks!

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Reliable (Queen East near Logan) is great. A hidden gem. There is also a place in Richmond Hill on Yoge called The Old Galley...filled with the blue rinse crowd but very good halibut and chips.

Is Cobbs the best bakers in TO?

actually the cape seed and the fruit bread at Cobbs are very good. I love Fred's Bread and Brick Street as well. Ace is often stale and since it has exploded into the loblaws gig has really gone downhill.

Idea for a Bridal shower for 100 people

the only places north of the 401 that could accomodate would probably be a public country club..unless you want to do a chain restaurant.

Seaking the best matzah ball soup in downtown Toronto.

Yitz's doesnt do bad Matzo ball soup (Eg and Ave)

Where would you go Leslievillians??

lil baci for sure...great spot, fun atmosphere, not pricey...stay away from Citizen!

Lil' Baci - Leslieville

Loved my night there as well...very fun dining experience and good quality food.

Help! North York/Midtown Restaurant Rec, dinner for 16 Monday

Oliver and Bonicini in Bayview Village...right on the TTC line and has a varied menu.

Picnic at the Brickworks today.

I tried to get ticks but it was all sold out...
Sounds like a lovely Sunday

Vaughan Mills on Sunday

I've heard wonderful things about Copper Creek G&CC in Kleinburg. As Ace has noted, not sure if this is appropriate with the little ones but a pretty venue.

Vaughan Mills on Sunday

Not too much around the mall (that isnt a chain or franchise) far from the mall would you be willing to drive?

Favourite Niagara wineries to visit?

The best winery in NOTL is Stratus. They are LEED certified and very proactive about using new and innovative enviromental practices. Their wines are incredible. A friend of mine who has spent years in Burgundy thinks the Stratus White is a remarkable North American wine. The architecture is beautiful, clean lines, modern. The wines here are pricey but (in my opinion) well worth it. I would definetly add this stop on your list of wineries to visit.

One Star for One

I guess my point was, at a place like One, there should never be an expectation for the customer to call and confirm their reservation. I mean this is the same place that markets itself as a five star experience. Basile, if you don't like my reference to airlines and hotels perhaps i should parallel the experience to that of a spa losing your facial/massage booking (the later not usually holding the booking with a credit card number).

Its just not the type of experience nor atmosphere i was expecting from McEwan. The whole place reeked of Miami Beach (overpriced and stuck on itself).

One Star for One

I agree Millygirl. Why should any diner have to call a restaurant to confirm they still have your reservation. Last time i checked airlines and hotels don't operate on this premise.

Special dinner for mom - Niagara region

I would suggest Peller. If it is a special occassion, which it clearly is, Peller is superb. The food, service, and atmosphere are wonderful. I would say it is the same calibre as Vineland, if not better.

One Star for One

I didn't eat the croissant nor a latte nor the OJ. I was simply commenting on the price of a single croissant etc...

We had the eggs benny and omelette. Both were good but not off the charts.

I travel an awful lot and one should never have to confirm a booking at a five star restaurant or hotel...especially when the booking was made in person!!! In my mind this is simply unacceptable. McEwan should remember that Hollywood stars are only in town for 2 weeks, the other 50 weeks of the year his patrons are mainly regular Torontonians.

One Star for One

If you are going to pay that sort of money the presentation better be unique and quality top-notch.

One Star for One

probably---this thought had crossed my mind but WTF? They need to hire a good restaurant manager, not some 20 year old front of house looking to get a piece of some celeb.

Indus Junction

Checked out Indus last night and had a great experience. It was very quiet, perhaps too quiet but the food was excellent. The coconut-coriander chicken was amazing as was the madras salmon and eggplant main. The ingredients were fresh and the chicken (which can sometimes have dark fatty meat in a curry) was all white breast. The naan was possibly the best naan i have ever had. The wine menu is not extensive, neither is the beer list (which is a bit disappointing cause i like a good beer with indian) but the martinis were fabulous. Didn't have dessert so i can't offer comment there but i would come back in a heartbeat. Only request---some more ambience and atmosphere.

One Star for One

I had to try the new McEwan One, and let me tell you this place is far from being all it makes itself out to be. I was told that lunch was sold out and the only time they could accomodate was 11am. I showed up and they didn't have my reservation. To make matters worse, they said it wouldn't be a problem because they weren't fully booked. Okay, so why was i told 2 weeks prior that the only time they could slot me in was 11am.

Fine so we are led to our table by a snotty maitre'd, no apologies were ever made for the reservation error, and when we asked to have a table that had some sun exposure we were given a look that could kill. The chairs are too low for the table. The food was good (certainly not exceptional) but the prices are unreal. $7 for an OJ. $5 for one croissant. $7 for a latte? I mean c'mon. I know its Yorkville but who is McEwan kidding, this isn't London or Tokyo. If you are going to set your prices so high, service should be exceptional and should be on par with the Four Seasons...its not.

Take your miners light to the bathroom, you wont be able to see around for the forest green marble that lines the floor and walls. Furthermore, who ever fit out the taps for the sinks set the taps back too far so when you wash your hands you and the entire vanity get wet...making my guest assume i had a slip up in the bathroom. Eventful dining experience but far from the marketed "five star hotel." Save your pennies and go somewhere where you can wash your hands, not your skirt.

George or Lee?

I have never had an enjoyable experience at Lee. The portions are tiny, the food comes out in no particular order and the staff are pretentious and rude. Go for George.


Citizen the Shitizen.
Never been more disappointed in a meal. There seems to be an abundance of salt in the kitchen. Risotto and anchovies were both incredibly salty dishes. Portion size was so small that Kate Moss might even come out hungry. Not sure who was in the kitchen the night i went but wouldnt surprise me if they work the day shift at Mickey D's. Next time i head out on a Saturday night in Riverdale i'll be sure to stop at Jilly's for appetizers.