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Veal Marrow Bones

Check this site out. They deliver. They are on 163rd NMB.

Thanksgiving takeout

Here's their Thanksgiving website:

Kosher Caterer for Thanksgiving?

Thank you for the tutorial on Kashruth.


Dinner @ Luca Bella was a carbon copy of Matteo's. Good food and lousy service (the wait staff was busy watching the Olympic basketball game) and screwed up our order. Their Miami Spice offering is no bargain vis a vis their regular menu prices. In spite of the screw ups the food was excellent. Our party had Eggplant Parm, Salmon and their "famous" Country Chicken (the size of this dish could have served all 4 of us).


Which is the better choice?

Josh's Deli - Surfside

Had bkfst. yest. morn. and was disappointed in the food presentation. Fried eggs served on paper in a plastic basket? Cool for a burger or a sandwich, but, not for bkfst.


Their menu looks enticing. Any input?


Where to find herring (not in a jar)?

Pastrami Club on University Drive in Lauderhill.

Pomperdale's on Commercial Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale

Pastrami Club
5240 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351

Latino's Restaurant deerfield beach

Sounds like an ad!

Where to eat at 3 or 4 am?

Try Lester's Diner on SR84, just west of Federal Hwy in Ft. Lauderdale. Open 24/7/365.

Pastrami hunt (Tri-county area)

Ben's is the only "Kosher" restaurant I have ever seen that is open on the Sabbath. When questioned they told me that "the owner's brother-in-law is gentile and they sell the restaurant to him every Friday afternoon and buy it back overy Saturday after sundown". I need the name of the Rabbi so that I can open my Sabrett wagon in front of the Shul on Shabat.

Breakfast in Pembroke Pines

Try Club 19 @ The Pembroke Lakes Country Club. Sunday Brunch is a killer!! Not many other alternatives unless you wand a bagel shop.