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Duplex closed

Hopefully someone will open a coffee shop in the space.

A True Saloon ... Does it even exist anymore?

The Republic (221 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis) might fit the bill. I don't know how extensive their scotch list is but they have plenty of craft beers.

Rye Delicatessen - Minneapolis

From what I've read, Rye is supposed to be modeled after the delis in Montreal. Since I've never been to Montreal I can't judge how well they have succeeded but I have been there twice and enjoyed the food. I liked both the corned beef, potato pancakes and the matzoh brei. I am looking forward to going back and trying some more things.

State Fair MSP

I am glad Harry Singh finally made the cut. His jerk chicken roti is one of my favorite things.

Rivue of Louisville, KY

There are a lot of great places to eat in Louisville. I recommend the Hot Brown at the Brown Hotel (they invented it) as well as the Bluegrass Brewing Company. There is a great African place called Kiliminjaro (SP?) that is wonderful also. I don't have the addresses handy but a quick Google search will supply them.

(MSP) The Front Cafe

Yes, thanks for the review. I will give them a try sometime soon. I can't believe they've been there since 1994 and I have never heard of them.

[MSP] Theater District, MPLS--early mid-scale dinner?

Eli's is a good choice. They have great food at reasonable prices. Rock Bottom Brewery is also good. They are in the same building as the Historic State Theater. Block E has several other dining choices, such as Hard Rock Cafe, Applebee's and Hooters. The latter might not be appropriate. I have never much cared for their over-priced food. But that's just me. Eli's is probaby the best choice.

Eats in Duluth

Does the Kozy Bar serve food?

Sep 15, 2008
Doghouse Reilly in Great Lakes

For Brooklyn Pizza Fans

Do they deliver to Minneapolis?

Worst Beer Ever?

Why did Miller Lite try to ape craft beers? It's not going to impress people who like good beer and their regular customers probably won't know the difference.

Jun 21, 2008
Doghouse Reilly in Beer


The servers at Salsa ala Salsa are quite rude. I avoid the place. If you want really good Mexican food without the attitude, just head south on Nicollet to Pancho Villa.

Kansas Citians moving to MN! Need new resturaunts!!

1. I'd suggest either Ping's (1401 Nicollet Ave) or Rainbow (2739 Nicollet Ave)
5. Pizza Luce (119 N 4th St and 3200 Lyndale Ave S)
7. Tum Rup Thai (1221 W Lake St)
9 Acadia has moved to 329 Cedar Ave S but I don't know if they're open yet. I also recommend the Boiler Room Cafe (1820 3rd Ave S)
10 Bryant-Lake Bowl (810 W Lake St)

Harry Singh's

I had lunch at Harry Singh's (2653 Nicollet Ave. S Minneapolis) yesterday and he told me he's having some trouble with his landlord. This is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis so I urge one and all to rush to Mr. Singh's aid. It would be a shame to lose this jewel.

Edit: The prices on the website aren't current.

dining in downtown Minneapolis

I recommend Tum Rup Thai (1221 W Lake St), one of the best Thai joints in town. You can take the 17 bus from downtown and save some cab fare. The 17 runs down Nicollet Ave and lets you out at the Uptown Bus Station near Lake & Hennepin. It's a short jaunt down Lake to the restaurant. There are several other good restaurants in that area, most notably Lucia's (1432 W 31st St) and the Bryant Lake Bowling alley (810 W Lake St).

Daves Bar-b-que?

They're based in Minneapolis, MN. I have to agree they're pretty mediocre overall. Their restaurants in Minneapolis neighborhoods of Linden Hills and Uptown are okay, but there are much better bbq joints around. I mostly like the Uptown location for live music.

Oct 01, 2007
Doghouse Reilly in Chains

How can I get a good cup of coffee at Starbucks?

Possibly for the same reason McDonald's sells so many whatchamacarcass sandwiches.

Oct 01, 2007
Doghouse Reilly in Chains

How can I get a good cup of coffee at Starbucks?

Go someplace else.

Sep 30, 2007
Doghouse Reilly in Chains

New KC Brazillian Steakhouse

That's pretty weird. The Copeland's in Minneapolis was also replaced by a Brazilian churrascaria (Fogo de Chão, 645 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis). Yours sounds exactly like ours, right down to the prices. I haven't tried our version yet, mostly because of the prices, but might sometime when I'm feeling flush.

Central Happy Hour

Townhall Brewing is a good choice. I would also recommend the Acadia Cafe (1931 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis). They have 24 beers on tap and great appetizers. If you're lucky there might be a show in their theater while you're there.

Minnesota State Fair foods?

My new favorite is the salmon wrap from Giggles' Campground Grill. It has grilled salmon with cream cheese, a raspberry chipotle sauce, onions and mixed greens in a whole wheat wrap. I don't know how healthful it is, but it must be better for you than the Spam curds.

First trip to NYC...

Sounds like a good list, but I'd agree with the others to skip Sardi's. I would also recommend trying Chumley's and Mary's Fish Camp, both in Greenwich Village. And if you're lucky you might get Amy Sedaris as your waitress at the Fish Camp. Another great place in the Village is Red Bamboo, a vegitarian joint. Their soy "chicken" tastes just like the real thing.

Aug 26, 2007
Doghouse Reilly in Manhattan

Minnesota State Fair foods?

I always have to get a pork chop on a stick as I enter the Fair grounds. And at some point will have to have at least one Pronto Pup and a taco from the Mexican joint in the Food Building. Ditto for a sausage from the Sausage Sisters and the gator/hush puppies from the cajun place near the Grandstand. I go to the Fair four or five times so I'll have plenty of time to sample some new dishes also. As for healthful choices, I don't thnk that's allowed.

Minnesotans: are you still into Grain Belt beer??

I would choose Grain Melt (aka Brain Melt) over Bud, Miller, etc. And if you're ever at the Kozy Bar in Duluth MN I would suggest ordering one instead of a Summit. The bartender gets pretty peeved when you order them fancypants beers.

Aug 26, 2007
Doghouse Reilly in Beer

Microbrews in New York (split from BBQ Beer thread)

I took the tour on my last visit to NYC and found it to be quite interesting. It didn't start on time, but that gave me more time to linger over my pre-tour beer at the bar next door. One of the best parts of the tour was getting to meet the two friendly dogs that help make the beer.

Brasa (MSP)

I lunch at Brasa (600 E. Hennepin Ave Minneapolis) yesterday and was quite impressed. The pork was very tasty as were the sides of collard greens, rice with pigeon peas and cole slaw. I wish they had a better beer menu, but that's a minor quibble. The meat options are limited to Rotisserie chicken and pork.but they have a nice variety of sides. I believe one can make a meal of four sides for $11. Not a bad deal.

Minnesotans: are you still into Grain Belt beer??

I don't drink it much any more, what with Summit, Surly, Brau Brothers and the newest, Flat Earth Brewing.

Aug 15, 2007
Doghouse Reilly in Beer

Chicken Wings - Minneapolis

Thanks for the tip. I was never impressed with Big Ten, but I'll have to check out their wings the next time I go to dollar night at the Hopkins theater.

MSP Barbette or Town Talk?

Those are very good points. I suppose it's like comparing apples to oranges. (I'd have to say the advantage is with the former, though: who ever heard of orange pie?)

MSP Barbette or Town Talk?

I blanked on the business part. Still, Town Talk is the better joint all around and it's not like the other tables are exchanging gunfire.

Chicken Wings - Minneapolis

One word: Art Song's. (647 N University West St Paul, MN). Okay, it's two words but still the best wings ever.