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Great rye bread in Chicago?

Brunos in bridgport is supposed to have a real good rye

Jan 03, 2012
hornet983 in Chicago Area

Going on vacation to Vancouver

So I'm going to be coming to Vancouver in early May and need help I've been reading on all of the great dim sum places and apparently there not in downtown Vancouver in Chinatown but in Richmond instead? Am I getting this right? The reason why I ask is that I thought that it would just be a lot easier to stay in downtown Vancouver and work my way outwards. How far is Richmond away? and can I get to alot of places just by walking or would I need a mode of transportation? I want to explore as well as get my self some good Ramen, Dim sum, Xia long Bao, and Potine. Oh and also would like some recomendations on best Chinese and Japanese bakeries please?