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Ottawa - where to buy salmon sashimi?

Help. Its sooo hard to find here. Is there anywhere besides Lapointe that I can get this?

Rome and Messina best value

We have 2 days in Rome and 1 in Messina. Looking for recommendations for lunch and dinner especially in Messina which obviously has less info online. Value authentic is what I would love to see. I want to eat what the locals or those in the know eat. If a chow hounder loves it I want to try it. Please recommend restaurant and dish. Thanks!

Jun 25, 2011
Yamchargers in Italy

Ottawa Chinese Food???

Can we get some discussion going on Ottawa Chinese food?

I would love some recommendations. Yesterday I tried Golden Palace and everything but the price was great. But the price considering the size of the dishes was CRAZY. I wanted the Lemon chicken but there is just no way I can pay $20 for chicken so I tried the sweet and sour chicken balls for $15. It was okay. I really like the all white meat because I have noted alot of places around here are mall quality various chicken parts which always turns me off. The egg rolls did not disappoint. I have never seen that style (open ended) in BC and i thought they were tasty.

The Royal Treasure Somerset was also good as they had Szechuan the way I like it (red). Didnt try anything else there but I probably should.

So what are peoples value Chinese food picks? And not just places but dishes. Please tell me why you like it! Thanks!

Steak Modern Steakhouse Lounge in Ottawa.

I have found some good food but very little good value. I get the feeling there may be plenty of good but expensive but on the value side there is little. Everything seems overpriced by city standards.

Steak Modern Steakhouse Lounge in Ottawa.

Typical of Ottawa food it is marginal at best, marginal and overpriced at worst. Also I am having a hard time not holding that annoying advertising campaign against them.

I have had a steak and a burger there. Steak was okay. Burger was actually really good. Menu options are not great. Give it a try. I say 4.5/10.

Reasonable tasting menu options

Ever get the feeling that some people cant read a whole post even if it is only 3 sentences long?

Anyway specifically the octupus tentacle (Degustation) is not something that everyone is going to be okay with. Still if thats the worst thing and its only one course in that range then more tentacle for me. All I am saying is that an Italian tasting menu with a couple pastas etc would be a little safer. I realize there are risks inherent to a tasting menu.

Jan 25, 2011
Yamchargers in Manhattan

Reasonable tasting menu options

I would def pay a little more to get the ideal meal. I noticed some of the dishes on some of the recommendations are pretty out there. I would eat anything but my girl friend is less adventerous when it comes to food and would prefer a little more conventional. This may be a tall order but the Italian place would be interesting or anything like that.

Jan 25, 2011
Yamchargers in Manhattan

Reasonable tasting menu options

Is there such a thing? Can one find tasting menus in NYC for say around $50 person? Not fussy on type of food or Manhattan location but I would love to try my first tasting menu in NYC.

Jan 24, 2011
Yamchargers in Manhattan

Need Downtown Area Dining Suggestions - Vancouver

I seriously do alot of pointing at what other people are eating!

Sure its loud but I have sat at the bar and the bigger problem is probably how cramped it was. The chefs are always yelling but its really not terrible, and I dont like it loud. There is a place called the Italian Kitchen that is really good.

The Olympia (or something like that, Greek) on Denman is a little further away but really good. at a reasonable price.

Steak or pasta - Theatre District

I am looking for a recommendation for dinner in the theatre district. I dont want to spend alot. Looking for value.

Jan 22, 2011
Yamchargers in Manhattan

Near the Majestic - casual meal pre-show? Plus any great value pics are appreciated.

I am thrilled that this is a big budget. I just have no idea. I am pretty sure I am going to take your advice on this one!


Jan 21, 2011
Yamchargers in Manhattan

Need Downtown Area Dining Suggestions - Vancouver

If you are dont mind sifting through some weird stuff try Guu (Japanese fusion). There are items on the menu for all tastes. Some great seafood items. Very, very busy! Be prepared to wait. Not sure if they take reservations or not.

838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

Near the Majestic - casual meal pre-show? Plus any great value pics are appreciated.

Help. First trip to NYC. Seeing a Saturday night show in Feb and looking for something to eat before the show. Casual $40 to $60 a plate plus drinks. Needs to take reservations for obvious reasons!

Its all about where the locals eat. Share your knowledge with me please!

While your at it how about these other thoughts:

Carnegie - does anyone that actually lives in NYC eat there?

Katz - at least some locals seem to support this choice (unlike above), sounds like there is at least a case for pastrami

Russ & Daughters - never had real lox

Shake Shack - lots of locals say "sure if there is no line" which to me is enough to give it a shot. How about specifics? Burgers "if there is no line"? Or something else?

Grimaldis - What do people think about this?

Lobster rolls? Where and how much?

To me good food is all about the value pics that great cities have. Any other value pics are greatly appreciated.

Russ & Daughters
179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

47 W 20th St, New York, NY 10010

Jan 20, 2011
Yamchargers in Manhattan