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Mexican on or near the riverwalk in San Antonio

Absolutely agree with IDOC as Dough Pizzeria is phenomenal. Don't think of Dough as a pizza place...think of it as a great meal. Go off hours if you can - like an early dinner at 5ish. There is plenty to do in that are afterwards. Martini Lounge (on McCullough) and Luna Lounge (San Pedro) are both fun with live entertainment. Alamo Draft House for a movie and brews is relaxing. Speaking of drafts, you could go to Blue Star and get some local brews if you are into that - look in Southtown and don't forget about the streetcar service that links Downtown to Southtown.

May 24, 2012
GeauxTex in Texas

Mexican on or near the riverwalk in San Antonio

I agree with rexter. Rosarios is my favorite. I always go for there ceviche, shrimp nachos and any pork dish. It can be very loud there though. Easy walk or streetcar ride to King William where Rosarios is. If you have to eat on the river...go for Boudro's...not for Mexican food, but for great meal on the riverwalk.

Dec 21, 2011
GeauxTex in Texas

Cajun Finger Foods?

I grew up in NOLA. Everyone always had pickapeppa ( ) on top of cream cheese with triscuits. I prefer a jelly. Jalapeno jelly my favorite and it looks pretty too. Fisher & Wieser has some nice southern jelly's. Maybe try their pineapple bourbon one over cream cheese or sliced pork or over sliced bananas like banana's foster. If you mix cream cheese with pineapple and push it onto a light cracker with a piping bag with the jelly on top... My mom used to take a cherry tomato and cut an x in the top about half way down and then pipe in a mixture of sour cream, cream cheese and Cajun seasoning like slap your mama or Tony Cachere's. I would add a slice of green onion to the top. reminds me too that there are always deviled eggs on a Cajun party table. I sprinkle mine with cajun seasoning. Very common to find deviled eggs with cajun chow chow or pickled relish. Popcorn with cajun seasoning. Pickled okra. corn fritter. hushpuppies - try them with jalapenos, shallots or green onions. Definitely have to do the Zapps like Cheese Boy said. Maybe a cornmeal johnnycake Always had boudin sliced on saltines at relatives house. Kinda country, but very good.

Jan 19, 2011
GeauxTex in Home Cooking