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Desperate for good southern food...please help.

Wow shrimp and grits AND fried green tomatoes! I didn't think anyone in Baltimore even knew what grits are lol. Thanks I'lldef be checking that place out.

Dipasquale's - why didn't I know this before?

I actually just saw that pace featured on the food network's "drive ins, diners, and dives and have been meaning to go

Desperate for good southern food...please help.

I have been living in Baltimore in the cockeysville area for almost five years now, I am originally from North Carolina. I miss the food from back home horribly. I am looking for a good place that serves "home style" southern food...any suggestions?

Best Ribs Ever!

Corner Stable's ribs are amazing! When they claimed "fall off the bone" they weren't kidding. It was the first time I've ever eaten ribs with fork. There are two different bbq sauce choices, regular which was what I get it was more of a sweet sauce, but there is also a texas sauce that they let me sample (which I loved that they offered to do that without me having to ask) the texas sauce was a little thicker, wasn't "spicy" just had a kick to it and a nice smokey flavor. The exterior of the building doesn't exactly draw you in, but once inside it is a very relaxed, comfortable, and casual environment. I love food and I love dining out but I hate stuffy restaurants and it isn't like that at all. I've been a few times now and the food has always been great as well as the service. They were also extremely fast, I would definitely recommend for a fast lunch for those of you on a tight work schedual.

Corner Stable
9942 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030