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Are there places in the US that serve lungs?

This week I found some nice fresh bofe in a regular grocery store in Buenos Aires and used it to make a lovely German lung soup that will be appearing in Jennifer MacLagan's next cookbook, to be launched next month. I can't get it in Canada though. I wanted to make haggis on Robbie Burns Day and was able to get everything I needed from a butcher at Danforth and Pape. The butcher showed me the pluck but said he couldn't sell me the lung. I wonder if I could have bought if if I'd decldared that it was for my dogs! No idea why it's illegal. Perhaps because it spoils easily? I bought my bofe on the 15th, packed that day, and its fecha de vencimiento was the 16th.

Aug 19, 2011
lucapuka in General Topics

What were your last three cookbook purchases? - [Old]

I don't buy many anymore but I did but two by Jennifer Maclagan: Bones and Fat. Both award winning and truly out of the ordinary. I hope she comes out with more.

Jan 17, 2011
lucapuka in Home Cooking

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires?

Sorry I'm late with this, but for future reference there's a large buffet restaurant that is completely vegetarian and moderately priced. It's called Granix:

It's run by Seventh Day Adventists. It's on Florida but it's upstairs:
Florida 165 1° Piso – Galería Güemes
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Tel: (011) 4343-4020

(Primer piso means "second floor")

Good Buenos Aires Restaurants for Solo Female Traveler?

At the corner of Santa Fe and Puyerredon there's a place where I've noticed that lots of women go to dine. It's called Duero and has a new, upscale look. It also has vegetables!! Most traditional porteño restaurants offer only salads and various kinds of potatoes, but here you get vegetables with your main course and can order them on the side as well. They have a broad range of foods. Please do not order the osso bucco. They don't cook it long enough. But if you have access to a kitchen you might want to buy some and cook it at home. It is ridiculously cheap -- people mainly feed it to their dogs! When I prepared it properly my porteño friends were very skeptical, but I won them over.

Meet for a meal in Buenos Aires

I too live part time in BsAs but this year will be there from June to December. By far my favourite restaurant (not really for the food, which is quite good) is El Corralon at Anchorena 916, between Cordoba and Paraguay, ON THURSDAY NIGHTS. The food is always good and medium-priced; it's a parrilla and I'm usually able to get my meat rare by asking for muy, muy jugosa ... sangrando! But the real attraction is that on Thursdays it is heavily populated by la gente de la farandula -- singers, actors of stage and screen, tons of eccentric regulars, and many huge poster photographs of the owner with stars like Moria Casan and Maradona -- who might well show up later in the evening; they might even perform just for fun. The owner sometimes cranks up the music and people dance near -- and on -- their tables. If you go early, around 10:30, you may not have to wait long to get a seat. Catch the eye of the serious looking female server and give her your name. It is an evening to remember. Warning: on Thursdays (only) some clients smoke cigarettes, although many people now go outside to smoke. There is good air circulation (I have mild asthma but the smoke doesn't bother me)... but this might be a deal breaker for people who can't stand any smoke at all. No problems with drunks though (Argentines don't seem to get drunk in public!), and the neighbourhood is safe. It's across from a park. Any other night will be good too, and fun, but Thursdays are not to be missed. My favourite dish is sweetbreads (mollejas en crema de champan). All the usual meats and achuras, but they also have fish if you're not in Argentina for the meat.

Seal meat in Toronto?

Recently I saw a photo of the PM eating seal meat because Canada will be selling it to China. I missed out on my chance to have flipper pie while in St. John's so have never tasted it. Does anyone know if there is a place to buy it in Toronto? Failing that, is there a restaurant that serves it?