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Crab Cakes near Interstate 95?

Faidley's in Lexington Market. It's a slight detour into the city but completely worth it. The only hitch is they tend to run out later in the day.

Lexington Market
400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

I've never been to Philly Flash but if you're looking for a great cheesesteak make the trip to Jeno's in Severna Park. They're pricey, around $9 for a sub, but well worth it.

Po Boys in Baltimore???

Thanks for the recommendation ... looks like just the place.

Po Boys in Baltimore???

As much as I love a Lake Trout sandwich sometimes it just doesn't satisfy my fried seafood sandwich needs. So any suggestions for a good po boy in the Baltimore/Annapolis area?

Truly great coffee in Harford or Baltimore Counties?

If you're will to make the trip Cafe Pronto in Annapolis has excellent coffee with a great selection. They roast all there own bean and the staff has no problem walking you through the differences in coffee.