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What is the best Greek restaurant?

There is a "The kebab shop" in Mira Mesa as well (Mira Mesa blvd same lot as in-n-out near the 15 fwy) to accompany the one near (9th and Island? I think?). It's worth the drive if you are looking for Doner kebabs. It's so close to greek, and so good, that you won't be disappointed. Be sure to get some of the chili sauce and the garlic sauce they don't advertise. It makes it even better. just ask the guys at the counter for a recommendation if the ishkender or doner doesn't look good to you.

Jul 26, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

What is the best Greek restaurant?

Scott is correct. Appolonia is not as good as it's being sold on here. The service is appallingly bad at times, and the food, while it used to be run of the mill, has suffered to the point that it's barely better than the usual whole in the wall that doesn't impress.

Pegasus used to be very good in RB, but haven't been in years (5+). I hear there is a place in Hillcrest (ish) mama something or other?? maybe someone who has been can help me out on this...but I have yet to try so can't authenticate the stories I've been told.

If you find a good Greek place please let me know, been searching for years...

Similar food but not quite can be found at The Kebab shop. Get the Ishkender plate, with half tomato sauce: Incredible. Not Greek, but close.

Jul 25, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Weekday Lunches in Chula Vista

Tacos el poblano and Mea Kwan.

Try the pan seared chicken green curry at Mea Kwan.

Jul 16, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Midweek breakfast places?

Not overly romantic, but, The Mission, has the best breakfast in the city. Not fancy. but very good. The rosemary bread and blackberry jam are craveable.

Jul 16, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Temecula Wineries Help Needed

Tesoro is hands down the best experience I have had in Temecula re: wine. Monte de oro the worst.

Caveats: Tesoro is NOT in wine country (at least the tasting room is not, but it has a nice feel to the in-town location, and unmatched wines for the area imo). Monte De Oro is beautiful and seems it would be excellent but it has such a wal-mart, forced mainstream feel to it, and some of the worst wines in the region. If you do go to the Monte de oro try their Viognier, it's actually very good.

Been to Temecula 20+ times, and these are the standouts on both ends of the spectrum. I have been an enophile for some time now, and know a little bit about wine, but I haven't been as impressed with temecula as I guess most people think I should be. I feel like the wines on a whole are very mainstream and very reproduced. It is the subtle nuances at a place like Tesoro that really stands out to me in Temecula. There are so many good wines available in the's hard not to randomly fall into a bunch of really good ones while there.

A few basic tasting notes from my last Tesoro trip:

Elio doro 2007: extremely acidic, but likable, tart notes a lot like an unripened cherry.

Sangiovese 2006: typically spicy mouth feel, with a sincerely mellow profile throughout, very even drinking, pronounced vanilla, but not quite the perfuming I had expected.

2009 Il terrazza rosso, kimberly vineyards chilled: incredible wine, just sweet enough, fresh clean bright and sweet for a red. Incredible nose. Sooo good, especially for someone who doesn't drink sweet wines, a welcome addition to my cellar.

Trinita 2006: meaty, bold, but bright.

Chardonnay 2008: popcorn notes in the nose. A bit sharp on the finish, very drinkable but not my favorite in the mix today.

Riesling 2007: sweet but not particularly memorable...if the price is right, you could fool me into buying a lot of this for fringe wine drinkers at dinner parties.

Nice sincere staff, who take the time to get to know you.

Sounds a lot like they are working on a winery tasting room on the property in the Wine Country.

Jul 16, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Al Pastor Spit Catering

I own a custom spit made for Al Pastor, have a catering business and can probably work something out with/for you, but I do feel a bit unprofessional advertising on the threads. I would love to chat with you to see if it would be a good fit, and if nothing else, can maybe steer you in the right direction. My personal email is worthen.ben@ gmail. com from there I can give you my business information. Do you have a specific date and time in mind? is Pastor the only item you would like on the menu? What is it about Pastor that you specifically are trying for? Is this part of a larger event or is it specifically set around tacos al pastor? Is there enough time to do a tasting prior to the event? How much were you looking to spend? What area of the county are you in? Are you willing to work with companies based in Mexico or do you prefer to stay with local caterers? Hopefully I can help you find the right person for your event.

Jul 15, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Cool, hip places to eat in San Diego...on the cheap?

Wow, they definitely changed that up. Sorry to hear that, I will be editing my thoughts for sure! Thanks for the heads up. Years ago, I found plenty of good deals on happy hour. I guess I need to go again or trust your input guys. Thanks again.

Jan 20, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Cool, hip places to eat in San Diego...on the cheap?

I heavily second the Whisk n Ladle Happy hour. Cured Swordfish. $3 Incredible. Share some suckling pig and bread. Not a bad $20 deal.

Rappongi gets expensive fast even at half price happy hour.
Alfonso's IMO is good for only one thing: Drinks and people watching.
Crab catcher is always solid.

Jan 19, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Best Taco Shops In San Diego...

I have eaten at Luche Libre Taco shop maybe twice and wasn't a big fan, but they have a red bright sauce that may be the most flavorful hotsauce in SD, its not only red there is some lime and serrano and cilantro in there and it isn't blended like the others I think they food process the ingredients and then mix it up. I am generally not a huge fan of the shop, but that salsa has been excellent both times I ate it.

Santana's makes an incredible green salsa (the one they give out at the drive through) but it's also in their salsa bar.

El Tigre (Northgate markets now?) has an awesome sweeter orange salsa thats especially good on their buche and pork.

Rigoberto's has great red sauce.

Most everything else I have had has been watery or just not as memorable in San Diego. The salsa at these places has literally been the deciding factor between these and other places before. It's that good....

Jan 19, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Recommendations for a Local

A few recent favorites:

Minh Ky: Beefsteak with Tomato (some of the most perfect Chinese food you will ever eat)
Whisk n' Ladle: happy hour cured swordfish (best appetizer under $20 in California), the Bone Marrow and the Suckling Pig are very good as well.
Mea Kwan: Pan fried chicken with coconut green curry over spinach (Unbelievable Thai food)
Noble Experiment for Speakeasy bar experiment (push the kegs next to the bathroom in The Neighborhood, after setting a reservation via text message to enter)
Kebab Shop: Ishkender kebab with half tomato sauce (incredible for fast food)
Rei Do Gado: Meat. Lunch. Happiness.
Wine Vault and Bistro: Pinot Noir Flight with tasting menu or 5/6 course chef's menu (very good value for the food and the wine because it's very high end, and tastes very good).

These are some recent love affairs in the SD area. Let me know what you think.

Jan 19, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego

Favorite seafood dishes at The Fish Market?

As a few others said: Go "Top of the Market with a Reservation", and get the Oysters Rockefeller (though I haven't been to the Fish Market in several years, at that time they had the best Rockefeller in San Diego hands down), and the Smoked fish salad. Both are starter type of dishes, but those are the most memorable for me in my 15+ trips. There are a ton of good restaurants to go to, but this is a good one for the view and the feel of the place. It's equally suited to a 65 year old as it is to 20 somethings. Its a good vibe, just not as prestigious as it once was.

Jan 19, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego


Yes. It's a super unlikely place, but worth a visit. North West "corner" You have to turn onto Jackson, North from Fletcher then make a "u-turn" 300 feet or so up Jackson, and end up in the parking lot after that.

Jan 17, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego


Best buche is in La Mesa at Rigoberto's. El Tigre (maybe called northgate market now?) makes a very good buche also.

Best Tripas is in La Mesa at Rigoberto's or in Chula Vista at Tacos el Gordo. Both are equivalent as long as you tell TEG that you want them crisp.

Best Lingua is up for grabs-make it at home if you can. I have had soem decent around town but nothing very memorable.

Best Carne in a street taco style is at Tacos El Poblano in Chula Vista. They also make arguably the best adobada there as well. The mulitas are decent also.

Cabesa tacos... this may be surprising but check out Manana's in Ramona.

The best carnitas is in Poway at, of all places: El Ranchito...I know: completely unexpected.

I dare you to find better. I have eaten at least 5,000 tacos in my life, used to own a home in Mexico and spent at least a third of the year between Mexicali and Rosarito. I know a damn good taco when I see one. Try Tacos Ocotlan in Mexicali or La Araiza hotel restaurant buffet for some incredible Mexican food.

The above places are the best AUTHENTIC Baja tacos. you can find some others that are good, but none that taste like the south of the border variety quite like these ones.

Jan 15, 2011
thegunsmith in San Diego