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Hello I will be going to Sicily in July with my sister. We are looking to eat really good food preferably where the locals would eat and would like to go out at night. Can anyone give some suggestions for two young ladies travelling to sicily for the first time.

Many thanks

Jun 25, 2011
jvino in Italy

STEER CLEAR LIST - Worst Meal You've Had in the Last Six Months

I had the same horrible experience at Fedora, from start to finish it was bad. The service was horrendous I don't even think i saw for the entire time we were seated. I aske dmy server if the steak sandwich was a good option telluing him I was in the mood for meat but as long at the bread was not thick and overpowers the meat. HE responds it's the best sandwich you will ever have. I order it comes to the table and guess what it was all bread, the srteak was very tasty but I couldn't taste it with all that bread. I tell the server and his response was take off the bread and just eat the steak. I was appalled if I wanted to eat a steak I would have ordered a steak. Then he doesn't even refill our wine or our water. I have never had such a bad experience.

239 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014

Jun 04, 2011
jvino in Manhattan

Sicily or Sardenia

Hello all I will be going to Italy in July and can't decide between Sicily or Sardenia. CAn I get some feed back. Little info about me, love to eat drink really good wine and atmosphere needs to be relaxing but somewhat upbeat. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Apr 05, 2011
jvino in Italy


I think you may be talking about Degustation on 5th street in the East Village. I strongly suggest doing the chefs tasting.

Jan 15, 2011
jvino in Manhattan