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Craving a Mai Tai

I'm 90% sure that Psycho Suzy's will make you a good Mai Tai's (its a tiki bar - almost required!) but here are a few other places that make them decently:
Roat Osha
Amazing Thailand
The King & I
Tum Rup Thai

best breakfasts in/near minneapolis??

I love Fat Nat's. Don't expect ambiance but the egg dishes are great and the portions are heaping. I don't live near either location but I travel from the lakes area to go eat at the Crystal location because I like it that much.
IMO - they do a great job with Mexican style breakfasts. Their spicy avocado verde sauce is SO good and actually HOT. Husband gets Huevos Rancheros Carnitas and I get Emily's Omelette. Would like to try other items, but I never do cause it is so good.

Fat Nats Eggs
8587 Edinburgh Center Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55443

El Taco Riendo, Central Av. NE

Thanks for the recommendation chowhounders. Had dinner there tonight and it was good! Delicious lengua tacos and the carnitas are so good! The burritos are huge. Great place for authentic Mexican.

Little Szechuan - West End - Review

Was excited at the potential to have a good Szechuan place closer to my house so when I saw that Little Szechuan finally opened I booked on over to try it. I really want to like this place.

The good:

Full bar, tasteful decor, quick service and outdoor seating

The not as good:

The food (sadly)

The menu seems to be watered down for the suburban visitors to the West End from the original location in St Paul. No tripe, tongue or any of the more adventurous items that were present there.

Began with cocktails which were good - no complaints there. For starters we had potstickers and they were underwhelming. Szechuan dipping sauce was ok but the actual potsticker itself tasted underseasoned to me. I also didn't care for the wrapper. For my main, I ordered Fish Filet in Spicy Tofu Broth. Had an almost identical item at Grand Szechuan and at Szechuan a couple of weeks ago so I felt that I had a pretty good basis to compare. Definitely was spicy enough but the other flavors in the broth were under-developed compared to what I had at the other 2 restaurants. Husband who loves all things spicy wasn't impressed with the flavors here either. He ordered the Kung Pao Chicken since it was the only non breaded chicken dish and it was ok but definitely a mild dish. We also ordered the Fish Flavored Eggplant which was probably the best seasoned dish of the 3.

Overall we were disappointed but this is their first weekend so I will definitely give it another try. If anyone else has gone and has recommendations on dishes, please share.

Little Szechuan - West End
5377 16th Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Szechuan restaurant
2193 Snelling Ave N., Roseville, MN 55113

Grand Szechuan
10602 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431

MSP Review: Keefer Court Bakery & Cafe

Discus - Where can I find the best roast duck in the TC?

Quang Deli - Now With Beer and Wine

I am almost giddy with excitement about this news. Please post when serving starts :)

MSP Review: Keefer Court Bakery & Cafe

Finally made it here for a quick dinner before going to the Cedar. Loved this place in spite of the fact that they sold out their last two pineapple buns seconds before we placed our order. We started with a pork xao sao bao and curry bun, both good. Split the mixed BBQ plate with husband and I regretted not getting my own entree. His speed eating meant I was still hungry when the bbq was gone. Remedied that with custard bun for dessert. Delish. They were out of a few entrees (Soy sauce chicken, string beans with minced pork, mushrooms & dried shrimp) so we will be back to try them soon.

Travail: Still Crazy Busy??

FYI - Travail is closed until August for summer "break". Quite a luxury for a restaurant to be able to do so but i guess that is a benefit of their success. Still my favorite restaurant in MSP.


Went Friday with two friends before seeing a movie. I had heard some positive things but I would say we were all pretty underwhelmed by the food. I had the porchetta dish - not good. One friend had the roast chicken and he wasn't impressed either. Visually the restaurant looks good but food didn't do it for me. Probably should have tried a pasta but based on other comments here, doesn't sound like I missed anything. Won't be back.
Looking forward to Little Szechuan opening for a palatable option in West End.

Little Szechuan - West End
5377 16th Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Any New Lunch Places Near US Bank Building in DT Minneapolis?

The Inn is not open for lunch - just dinner I believe.

Khao Soi in Minneapolis??

Yes, I'd love to know where you are able to find Khao Soi paste in the twin cities.


Khao Soi in Minneapolis??

Thanks Huagung - sounds like we need to go to St Paul. Lots of mentions of Bangkok Thai Deli on this board.
I will definitely try it!

Khao Soi in Minneapolis??

This quickly became a favorite dish after spending a week in Chiang Mai recently and would love to find it in Minneapolis. I saw that Sen Yai Sen Lek has a beef version of it but I'd love to find a place that made it with chicken.

Any tips MSP Chowhounds?


Sen Yai Sen Lek
2422 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Yangtze In Saint Louis Park: respectable for dim sum??

Went there last Sunday and dim sum was great. Confirmed with restaurant that everything is made freshly there - not frozen. Impressed.