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CHOW Ginger Beer

Comment on yeast choice: Yeasts contribute flavors, and if you want to experiment, then try different yeasts ( lager, ale, champagne, baker's, etc) to find the differences. I'm not a proponent of wild yeasts; I've had some really wretched products made by others using wild yeasts. The worst came from somebody living near a dairy. I suspect that he had something like brettanomyces of an unfortunate strain.
You can also make a delicious ginger-accented or ginger-dominated apple or pear cider with the same proportion of ginger to liquid suggested here.
I believe that the baker's yeast has an advantage for those folk who wish to pare down the alcohol content of their brews, for I believe that it produces more gas than the others per amount of alcohol produced...but can't swear to that. Just think I recall it from about 45 years ago, when I was making this stuff regularly.

Oct 09, 2013
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Just how "W" is the GU in Guacamole supposed to sound?

Remember that Bobby Flay is not an hispanoparlante, not much of a Spanish speaker. In Texas, you're going to hear his pronunciation, and will hear it from many in California, as well, but not from many hispanics. Some of the hispanic language dialect speakers will have different pronunciations of the onset consonant, ranging from that of Mr. Flay, through a very soft /g/ - /k/ sound, and aspirated sound (think /h/), followed by the /ua/ or /wa/ consonant-vowel combination. The word doesn't really have a Spanish root for the part that refers to the avocado; rather it has a root from a Mexican indigenous language, combined with the ending root, and apparently did not end with the sound of the /eh/ or long /a/, but rather one of the Spanish /i/, which in English is more like our long e. This all give you great latitude for your pronunciation. My habit is to say something that approximates huacamoli, where the /h/ is the softest, nearly inaudible /k/-/h/, and the ending i is somewhat like a brief long e. Suit yourself, don't fight about it, and if you're writing from Texas, you might as well use Bobby's pronunciation.

Jan 14, 2011
0326paul in Not About Food