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A week in Shanghai

Business is sending me to Shanghai next week and I am looking for can't miss dishes or specialties. I've been digging through the forums and have found plenty of restaurant to try but often I am in the position where I cannot choose the location to eat at but I can request different dishes? What shouldn't I miss trying? I spent three weeks in Chengdu last year so I really don't need need to pursue Sichuan food, though I may at the end of the week just to relive the flavors.

Thanks again,

Oct 03, 2011
jgoran in China & Southeast Asia

Hockey and an anniversary

we'll be up in Vancouver Friday and Saturday from Seattle, any recommendations where to watch the game near the Westin Grand downtown? I am also looking for a place for our anniversary Saturday night, leaning toward a more European or northwest meal than Asian, again any recommendation


Jun 08, 2011
jgoran in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

A month in Philly

Thanks for all the suggestions I've been enjoying them all so far. The trip actually got pushed off from February to April. I've been here a little over two weeks now and have been making my way through the list. So far I've dined at Amada, Zahav, Osteria, Han Dynasty, Monk's, Termini Brothers, Village Whiskey, Steve's Prince of Steaks, Parc, JG Domestic, Banana Leaf, Fish, Adsum, and Chifa. I believe my last day here may line me up for a brunch at La Croix. I've got two and a half weeks left so I think I should be able to clear off most of the list.

Apr 23, 2011
jgoran in Philadelphia

romantic dinner walking distance from 1st & Madison

My wife and I stayed at the Hotel 1000 a couple years ago and started our evening with some happy hour appetizers in BOKA at Hotel 1000 and then walked to Palace Kitchen. That made for a pretty nice evening. I had some great pumpkin cheddar speatzles at BOKA.

Palace Kitchen
2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Mar 24, 2011
jgoran in Greater Seattle

A month in Philly

Thanks for all the suggestions so far, they will definitely help to fill the evenings. Any specific burger or pizza joints I shouldn't miss? Where should I look for the best Manhattan?

Jan 20, 2011
jgoran in Philadelphia

A month in Philly

Thanks for all the help to start. So far I think I'll be searching out Paesano's, Termini Brothers, Amada, Monk's Cafe, Willage Whiskey, Vetri, Kanela, and the Han Dynasty (will have to order from the authentic menu as I just got back from Chengdu).

Unfortunately work will keep me busy from 6:30am-6:30pm just about everyday I am there which will rule out the great looking brunch at Lacroix and the Market. Hopefully I'll be able to free up a bit of time for the Market.

Jan 18, 2011
jgoran in Philadelphia

A month in Philly

Good afternoon to you all,

I'll be in Philly for most of February and some of March. I'm coming out from Seattle and will be working throughout the day but my evenings will be free. I'll be staying downtown and like to put some miles on my shoes though I'll also have a car available if there are some recommendations that require traveling. What I am looking for is a variety to keep me interested throughout the month. I'll have enough time to write my own best of cheesesteaks, pizzas, pork roast sandwiches, or any other dish that begs to be sampled from multiple venues. Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated.


Jan 17, 2011
jgoran in Philadelphia