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Quest for the Perfect Vegan Whipped Cream . . . Anybody in?

I found this recipe recently, and have used it once so far (successfully - I hope it wasn't just beginner's luck!)

1 14 ounce can of Thai Kitchen full fat, unsweetened coconut milk
2 tablespoons coconut oil, gently melted
1 ½ teaspoons of high-quality vanilla extract (gluten-free, if needed)
¼ cup of pure maple syrup (or sweetener of choice)


Whisk together well. Chill well, and then put in whipped cream dispenser, carefully following the instructions.

I used the Native Forest brand of coconut milk, btw.

I was thinking of trying cashew cream in the dispenser, but haven't yet.

Oct 22, 2014
csb95 in Vegetarian & Vegan

Detroit Restaurant - need advice

I second Forest Grill. Another option would be Seva (vegetarian), but neither my husband nor I are vegetarian and have always enjoyed the food. There is a Seva in Ann Arbor and in Mid-town Detroit. More casual than Forest Grill.

Sep 24, 2014
csb95 in Great Lakes

Where do you keep your liquor?

Very boring, but ours are on top of of our kitchen cabinets (what doesn't need refrigeration). Not a good impression for some visitors!

Feb 15, 2014
csb95 in Spirits

coctails &/or beer Downtown DTW

My husband & I will be downtown Detroit for a concert at the Fox Theater this coming Saturday.

For food I plan on Bucharest Grill & the Coney places before/after.

I see that Detroit Beer company is very close. What other good beer or cocktail places are in the near vicinity?

Jul 22, 2013
csb95 in Great Lakes

Recommendations for UP between St. Ignace and Houghton?

The JamPot is definitely worth an extra trip when you can make it up next!

When I was young I went to the summer programs at Tech for several years and enjoyed all of them. But my family only had a 2 1/2 hour drive.

I live in the lower P, but happen to in the UP for our final couple of days visiting my parents. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the Ore Dock brewery in MQT and Tino's cudighi pizza for dinner :-)

Jul 22, 2013
csb95 in Great Lakes

Peche - excellent

We stopped in w/o reservations and managed to get two seats at the bar. Very glad we did!

May 09, 2013
csb95 in New Orleans

Impromptu trip report

In NOLA for combo business/Jazz fest.

First day had lunch at Antoines. Food was good but hard to beat the $0.25 cent martinis! Atmosphere a bit over-the-top; white table-cloths, multiple servers, etc. But not too conspicuous. Good deal for the $20.13 lunch meal.

Had dinner at Le Petit Grocery with friends. Food very good there, had drinks, apps, dinner and desert. Desert service was a bit slow; glad we weren't in a hurry!

Next day had lunch at American Sector Grille; a John Besch place at the WWII museum. Drinks were good, I had a Ramos gin fizz that I enjoyed greatly! Meals were OK but not overly memorable. I had a Boar's head cheese salad (not much salad to it!) but the "head cheese" part was more pulled-pork like than a true head-cheese. Hubby had a crab sausage stew that was pretty good.

Dinner that night was at Elizabeths - Excellent! Great service. Great drinks. We had the Praline bacon, stuffed mirliton, and a fish special, Grouper I think. Desert was excellent - Ooey Gooey cake which was more of a custard pie thing. Yummm.

Then lunch at Emeril's. OK but service was very irregular. Too many people trying to do their jobs, and not very well. Food was ok, but I wouldn't rate it excellent or even great.

Dinner: stopped at French market restaurant (I think) for dinner. We were hungry & ready to eat! Had a "boat" of crawfish and a platter of shrimp etoufee, black beans and rice, and jambalaya. The crawfish were excellent, but the platter was disappointing. The jambalaya was mostly rice.

On to Saturday. Lunch at Mulates. Pretty good. Hubby had a po-boy and I had a big salad that had catfish, shrimp, smoked sausage and crawfish. Crawfish were great, fish and sausage were good but shrimp were unmemorable.

Stopped for qiuck refreshment at Baru in the garden district. Drinks excellent (Pisco Sour and Caiprihana). They have small-plates; some outside seating was full (first nice day in a long time) so we sat inside. Drinks came quickly, but service was slow otherwise.

Made it to the Avenue bar after that. GREAT beer selection. Can't go wrong here.

Onto Peche for dinner. Ate at the bar since we didn't have reservations. Service was great. The dining area was loud; it was quieter in our area of bar if you can believe it! The restaurant was packed in general. Drinks were good and done very efficiently. Apps brought out quickly, the main course took a bit longer. But was excellent (tile fish with greens and beets, a special). Desert was great also - Snicker-doodle sundae and Banana chocolate creme pie or some-such. All very yummy!

This was one of the least-planned trips that I have taken, so some of our choices were not well-researched, but it was a good time none-the-less.

Tomorrow we head to Jazz-fest and all the eats that await!


May 04, 2013
csb95 in New Orleans

Chinese in MI Tri-Cities?

OK, since no one else has volunteered, I will...

In Midland, Bamboo Garden is reportedly the most authentic, with chicken feet, pigs ears, etc, (along with more Americanized fare). It's small and not very impressive to look at, but I've had a couple of *interesting* meals there ;-)

I didn't grow up here, so I don't know Rodeitcher's, but my husband grew up in Freeland so he probably would!

Some other area Asian or Middle-Eastern options would be La Zeez (Indian) in Midland, and Hello Sushi and Kabob & Curry House in Saginaw.

Jan 23, 2013
csb95 in Great Lakes

Royal Oak tomorrow afternoon [Michigan]


We will be in Royal Oak around 3:30-4 tomorrow and would like to get a late lunch/early dinner after taking a Motor City Brew tour.

So as much as I would like to go to Bastone Brewery, we will probably be brewed-out before heading home :-)

It looks like Cafe Muse isn't open until 5 pm on Saturday, so that's out.

Both Biga and Pizzaria Antica Fellini will be near our pick up/drop off location, and am considering one of those

What Crepe doesn't really interest me...

Any other interesting/unique restaurants that we should be looking at?


Dec 07, 2012
csb95 in Great Lakes

Which juicer to buy?

Thanks so much! I'll give them a call.

Sep 12, 2012
csb95 in Cookware

Which juicer to buy?

How does the base Champion model (w/o the greens attachment) do with in-between leafy greens like Kale? I won't be juicing wheatgrass, but I do like Kale.

Sep 12, 2012
csb95 in Cookware

DTW Trip Report

Ditto on the Inn on Ferry St recommendation! We stayed there in March and they have a shuttle van that took us to Eastern Market, Slows's, Vincente's Cuban, and Roast. (there, I covered the food aspect!).

Breakfast at the Inn was very good, too!

We would stay there again the next time we go to Detroit.

Sep 05, 2012
csb95 in Great Lakes

Bistro Foufou - Traverse City

I was in T.C. today. Stopped at lunchtime to browse the menu, but nothing jumped out at me. I guess I should have stayed anyway!

Aug 18, 2012
csb95 in Great Lakes

Recs for Saugatuck/Douglas (two full days) and Interlochen (one full day)?

I've been waiting to see what suggestions come as well, since I'll be in Interlochen in a couple of weeks myself :-)

Aug 03, 2012
csb95 in Great Lakes

Walkable area to stay/eat in Detroit?

My husband & I stayed at the Inn on Ferry St in March. They will drive you anywhere w/in 5 miles!
We ate at Roast one night (loved it! ). Also went to Eastern Market, Slow's, and Vincentes Cuban. I hope to make it back sometime :-)

A couple of weeks ago we had lunch at Forest Grill In Birmingham, was very good also! It was just a day trip that time.

Jul 20, 2012
csb95 in Great Lakes

Detroit long-weekend


I did a lot of research here on Chowhound before making decisions :-)

Will post more after tomorrow!

Mar 03, 2012
csb95 in Great Lakes

Detroit long-weekend

Getting near the end of our long-weekend in Detroit!

Mostly focused on eating, but hampered by my getting over a recent illness :-( so I'm not up to my usual standards of consumption!

My husband & I drove the 2 hours into town on Thursday. Ate a late lunch at Slow's, arriving around 2:30 or so. No waiting!

We shared the "Big Three" with Mac & cheese and Black-eye beans as sides. All was good, but only managed to actually finish the Mac & cheese. The first beer my husband ordered ran out as they were pulling it, so the server brought a sample of a different one. We didn't care for that one so picked another. She ended up bringing both that one and what was left (2/3 of a glass or so) of the original choice.

Later that night we decided to walk down to Traffic Jam & Snug for dinner. On the way I saw the Whitney and decided to stop in for a drink at the bar. During the week they apparently only use the downstairs bar, not the "Ghost Bar", if I understood correctly. Bartender wasn't familiar with my request for a Sidecar, but what I ended up with wasn't too bad. Husband had a manhattan. We sat at the bar, should have sat at one of the many open tables because the young bartender was very chatty. Although she was talking up various places in Detroit to see for us, so I shouldn't complain too much.

At Traffic Jam we still weren't overly hungry after our huge late lunch, so ate relatively "lightly". We had a bowl of the "Dumbo" - duck gumbo which I did like, although could have been a bit spicier. We like cheese, and since they make their own cheese decided to try the cheese plate. The cheeses were ok. We seem to prefer sharper cheeses, and even the sharpest one on the plate (an blue asiago IIRC) wasn't very much so). We did really enjoy their house-made spicy mustard and fig compote that was served on the side though!

For dessert we split the Sticky Toffee Pudding - now that was awesome! Served warm and a-la-mode with bourbon ice cream and caramel sauce. I really didn't have room but ate my share anyway to finish it :-)

Next we made a stop at Motor City brewing works. Was busy but not full, got 2 stools at the bar. Pizza smelled & looked great - may try that another trip. My husband ended up getting a Honey Stout, which we both liked.

Friday we drove down to Pewabic pottery first, then parked downtown to walk around. We were in Greektown around lunchtime so randomly picked Pegasus Taverna for lunch. I would have loved to have a Saganaki but was beyond me after a filling breakfast at our hotel. We had the Olive plate, an order of hummus and the Pastistio. The hummus was just "meh". I did love the the Pastistio, but don't have much to compare it to!

No room for dessert there, but we stopped into Astoria bakery across the street to pick up a couple of pastries to go. Still haven't managed to eat them!

Friday night was Roast. We were initially being sat at a roomy booth in the first room that was right across from the bar that was quite full and loud. I nicely asked if they had anything a bit quieter. The seater only hesitated a moment, saying nothing was going to be a lot quieter, but that there was probably something in the next room. So we went with that - was a smaller table along a long bench that sat multiple couples, but at least it was a bit quieter.

We started with drinks. I got a gin drink that isn't on their online menu so I can't recall exactly what it was (gin, a sweet vermouth of some kind, "cardamaro" and bitters) . My husband started with a Skeleton Key. We both enjoyed both of them.
We got 2 starters - Roasted marrow and Beef Cheek pierogie. They were both very good, but both LARGE portions and very rich. So hard to eat together!

Our second drinks were a Bar Fly for myself another one not listed online currently for my husband. I liked my husband's a bit better than mine, but mine was good too.

We would have just went with the 2 starters and a side if we had realized how huge they would be, but we had ordered the Pork chops to split as well.

The pork chop dish was good, the the pork being very tender. We especially loved the accompaniments of polenta and BBQ onions/peppers.

Alas, couldn't finish that either and still hope to have any room at all for dessert. We ordered the Beer & pretzels. It was a bit of a disappointment. The presentation was interesting (layered guiness ice cream, caramel foam and chocolate covered pretzel bites in a pint glass) but made it hard to eat.
I didn't care for the chocolate covered pretzels - they were pretzel nuggets with too much pretzel-to-chocolate ratio! The pretzel part needed to be smaller.

In the end we finished the ice cream and foam parts and left much of the pretzel bites.

Today/Saturday we went to Eastern Market. After wandering amongst the stands for a while we went to Supino's around noon. The tables were full, but not too many people waiting yet. We ordered and snagged 2 stools after waiting only 5 minutes or so. We chose the small Affumicata aka “Smoky". It was just right for the two of us. The place had filed up quite a bit by the time we were finished - and it is not a nice day here today! Windy and cold. Still lots of people out and about the market :-)

In the market itself, we tasted one of Love's Custard Pies offerings - Black bean. It was really good and something different so we ended up with one of those to take home.

Tonight we have dinner planned for Vicente's Cuban, will probably go for a selection of tapas to be able to try more things.

Tomorrow may have lunch at Good Girls go to Paris Crepes, or possibly a Coney Island, depending on where we are what I'm in the mood for :-)

Mar 03, 2012
csb95 in Great Lakes

Lunch near the Robie House

My husband & I had a really good lunch at Medici's on 57th after we visited MSI. If I recall correctly, the Robie house was fairly close (found it randomly as we were driving there or back).

Sep 09, 2011
csb95 in Chicago Area

Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

We used to have these when I was a kid! Very yummy!

Sep 03, 2011
csb95 in Recipes

Smoked Whitefish and Cudighi [Marquette, MI]

You should be able to get frozen Cudighi at one of the grocery stores. Mama Russo's brand is local and good! I really like their meatball mix, too.

Thill's Fish House smokes their own whitefish and many local restaurants get their fish from them...

Jul 21, 2011
csb95 in Great Lakes


I found this over at SeriousEats:

Jun 09, 2011
csb95 in Spirits

Restaurants Rec's needed, little different, I promise!

I wouldn't even bother with mixed drinks at John Hancock. They were not at all impressive! Stick with a beer or wine and admire the view :-)

May 31, 2011
csb95 in Chicago Area


I probably won't be of much help, but i have tried it.

In fact, I just had it in a drink 2 nights ago. It was in a "Quila Sidecar". A sidecar made with the Hopquila instead of brandy. I enjoyed it, tasted like a sidecar made with tequila instead of brandy :-)

I've never tried a sidecar made with an actual tequila, good or bad, so I don't have any comparison there!

I also tasted it neat last fall. I don't recall any nuances, however. And I'm not a tequila connosiseur, either. Let's just say I didn't dislike it!

We didn't end up buying any, but I did get some of New Holland's Knickerbocker Gin. I do really like that, but then I'm a gin Gal :-)

May 28, 2011
csb95 in Spirits

Can you get food off the dining room menu at the lounge at Sage?

I was able to order off the regular menu when I stopped at the bar a couple of months ago.

May 28, 2011
csb95 in Las Vegas

Gift certificate for the best restaurant in the Tri-City area of Bay City, Saginaw and even Flint

I like Shari Gourmet Dining (Shari at the Willard Hillton)

The Table at the H Hotel in Midland:

They just changed chefs, and it doesn't look like the actual restaurant website is very helpful right now...

Old City Hall in Bay City:

Those are some of my favorites (especially Shari's!!!


Old City Hall Restaurant
814 Saginaw St, Bay City, MI 48708

May 18, 2011
csb95 in Great Lakes

which creme de violette?

I can't find CdV locally, so am going to order some from DrinkUPNY online.

They have the Rothman & Winter, The Bitter Truth, and Pages Parfait Amour, as well as the Creme de Yvette.

Mostly planning on using it for Aviations, but will try other mixed drinks too.

Opinions on which to get?


May 01, 2011
csb95 in Spirits

Craft Cocktails or Mixology Cocktails

I enjoyed the cocktails at Sage (right in Aria) and also at Comme Ca at the Cosmopolitan.

Comme Ca
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Apr 29, 2011
csb95 in Las Vegas

Sable Review

I agree about the sweet corn creme brulee - It was ok, but not great.

Of course I had recently had foie gras creme brulee at Sage in Las Vegas and was comparing to that dish :-) Now that was amazing!

Las Vegas Restaurant
914 Main St, Antioch, IL 60002

Apr 24, 2011
csb95 in Chicago Area

é really is THE best!!!

They are sending the "golden tickets", but its not necessary to have it.

I got mine before I had to leave, but the other couple I dined with made their reservations more last-minute so they did not get theirs. Anthony made it a point to say that they would still be getting one as a souvenir.

Apr 20, 2011
csb95 in Las Vegas

é really is THE best!!!

I went alone, too! There was only one other couple dining, and I enjoyed it very much :-) The courses come quite quickly, so there wasn't much down-time in between anyway.

Apr 18, 2011
csb95 in Las Vegas