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help- 20 person luncheon on a budget!

We've had to do it twice now. The first time, we ended up at Carmines- not my first choice but it fit the budget. The second time, we did it at Blue Water Grill, would definitely recommend!

Aug 07, 2014
bos_to_nyc in Manhattan

Babymoon in Newport this weekend

Would appreciate any recommendations- probably something more casual/late on Friday night and a little more special but not too precious on Saturday. Also would love any advice on breakfast/brunch/lunch spots. TIA!

Martha's Vineyard with well-behaved baby

Hi- we're headed to the Vineyard for a week with our 8-month old. We live in Manhattan and take her to a pretty broad range of restaurants as she's very well-behaved. Would love some hound's recommendations for better restaurants who would welcome us, beyond the typical "family' establishments. Feeling envious reading menus for Detente, Outermost and State Road but get the feeling these are not child-friendly establishments!

State Road Restaurant
688 State Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Marea or Babbo?

Scored a last minute res at Marea, likely b/c of the weather. Torn between Marea, which we haven't been to, or waiting for an unreserved table @ Babbo, which we love. We have a new baby so have not been getting out much as of late and we want the night to be special. Have been curious about Marea but craving the Babbo pasta tasting. Thoughts from any hounds?

110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011

240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

Feb 21, 2011
bos_to_nyc in Manhattan

Special Dinner- Reccs needed

My husband, who is not a foodie, will be taking me out for a birthday dinner this Monday. For various reasons, we'll be on the early side/6:30-ish. Looking at a few options: Ai Fiori, EMP, WD50, Cafe Boloud. Also, a few not quite as high-end i.e.Fishtail, Little Owl (no res), Locanda Verde (again, no res), Morini. We're completely open. Hoping to find something delicious and innovative but not stuffy, and something someone not into haute cusine will enjoy as well and while cost is not a major concern, would rather not break the bank with $150 tasting menus, etc. Would prefer not to sit in an empty cavernous room, given the day/hour, and downtown is always a plus. I'd appreciate any thoughts!

Feb 19, 2011
bos_to_nyc in Manhattan

help- 20 person luncheon on a budget!

Really could use the help of a few chowhounds here. We're looking to host a post-christening party for about 20 people next Saturday- unfortunately at a somewhat awkward hour (3pm). To add to the mix, we have a pretty strict budget of around $1500 all in. Event will take place in midtown at St Pats, and we live in Gramercy are, so would like to find somewhere convenient to either.

Does anyone have any venue suggestions for a late lunch or other type of reception that might fit the bill?

Very much appreciate any thoughts you may have!

Jan 14, 2011
bos_to_nyc in Manhattan