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How Does Seedless Fruit Reproduce?

this article is freaky...mutants WTF
"In recent years, they have created some seedless citrus crops by irradiating plant seeds, which causes mutations. Some of these mutations are fatal to the plant, some are benign;"...what happens when humans eat them all the time?????

"He says the goal is to create disease-resistant seedless fruit that tastes good and can be grown in different hemispheres. “We’ve got new varieties in the works all the time,” says Ramming. “We’re trying not just to have seedless fruit that tastes good, but to make it available to grocers all year round.”....

Aug 25, 2007
robin_l65 in Features

CHOW All-Purpose Baking Mix

When I saw this recipe I thought cool, this kind of prepared drymix is handy for alot of things.....but usually one needs to add some liquid to make it work....HHhhhhhmmmmmmmm.....wonder if who ever posted the recipe will fil the rest.of us in.....or maybe I should just pour in a little milk...maybe cut some butter and an egg or two....this could work out!

Aug 25, 2007
robin_l65 in Recipes