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Fish King cioppino base?

Great suggestion. I'd still like an opinion on their base, or their cioppino (thanks Uber) before I find my way out there. I want to make Cioppino for a dinner get together but am looking for a shortcut. If Fish King's base is good, maybe I can save myself some time.

Fish King cioppino base?

Has anybody tried the cioppino base from Fish King in glendale? Any reviews would be appreciated. Any other alternatives out there?

What to order at Mozza?

Thanks Debra! They really need to do something about the reservation line. I did a search and there are COUNTLESS threads on O Mozza, but I couldn't find anything recent with food recommendations. If things have not changed much then I will probably refer to the posts I found from 2007 (Grilled Octopus, Orecchiette, Guinea Fowl seem to be a hit) but it would be great if someone that has been there recently could comment. Also... Is the pasta tasting menu a good idea for first timers?

What to order at Mozza?

So after trying several times to get through their frustrating reservation line, I was able to finally get a table at Osteria Mozza. Now I'm fishing for recommendations on what to order. Are there any "must haves" or favorites that chowhounders care to share their opinion on?

chocolate croissants in OC or LA

Do you have any more details on the SGV location? I can't seem to find any listings.

Cupcakes :: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly...

My friend was raving about auntie em's and when I finally tried it I was not only unimpressed, but quite disappointed. They sure looked good, but the 2 that I had, one was totally dry, and the other was fall apart crumbly. And the frosting was horrible. The only cupcake I would recommend is sprinkles red velvet, and dots apple pie cupcake. I haven't tried vanilla in SM.

Best pizza in town - informal opinion poll

I love Bollini's. I went there after reading your posting since it is close by. I've been waiting for a good neopolitan pizza place in SGV and Bollini's hits it right on the head. I wish they had a bigger dining room, but it won't stop me from picking up from there. The Cal Bianco and Nonna pizzas are my favorites. Pasta is quite good too.

Casual dinner place in W. LA/ Bev Hills?

Never too late, from the looks of things I will be dining in that area more often. Thanks for the tips, keep em coming.

Casual dinner place in W. LA/ Bev Hills?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Casual dinner place in W. LA/ Bev Hills?

Looking for a place to have dinner before a concert tonight in West LA / Beverly Hills area. Any suggestions?

best dumplings and scallion pancakes

The Mandarin Noodle House in Monterey Park was indeed under the same ownership as the Mandarin Deli in chinatown, but have since sold the restaurant and opened a new one in Rosemead or Temple City from what I hear. The new owners have not changed the menu much, and I go there all the time for a quick dumpling and scallion pancake fix. It's easy to find on the NW corner of Garvey Ave and Chandler Ave.