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Avoiding Food Overload in Paris?

Thanks! That list looks great, as does John Talbott's description of his meal at Les 36 Corneil.

We rented an apartment (near the Saint-Sulpice metro) already so it looks like we are on the right track. Out last trip was to Rome and we rented an apartment there too. I agree that it worked out fantastically. She'd typically take longer to get ready in the morning than I would. So, I'd run down to the corner bakery and grab two espressos "dar portar via" along with some baked goods for a quick breakfast. It's hard to beat that!

The problem though is that by eating in the apartment too often you lose the experience that dining offers.

Jul 01, 2011
zildjain79 in France

Avoiding Food Overload in Paris?

Does anyone have any good tips on avoiding food overload in Paris?

Here is my problem; both my wife and I love food, but tend to burn out quickly when eating out in restaurants night after night (as you would on a vacation). For example, if we go to dinner on Friday night, we try to eat at home on Saturday. As it sometimes happens, our social life calls for more intense weekends--think dinner and drinks on Friday, dinner with friends on Saturday, and brunch with other friends on Sunday. By the end of the weekend like that, I just don't want to eat anymore. What a shame it would be to experience food burnout in the culinary capital of the world?!

We've tried to spread out our more intense reservations, i.e., 3+ courses, by a day or so to prevent such burnout. But what do we do in between? Does anyone have good recommendations for interesting places to grab lighter fare? Our perfect "in between" meal would be, for example, a nice cheese plate, some oysters and good wine. Now, we've found places like this in our hometown (Wash, DC) but they are far and few between.


Jul 01, 2011
zildjain79 in France

Cheap Eats in Rome - Trastevere, Piazza Navona

I liked La Montecarlo on my last trip. It's a pizzeria that also does pastas near Piazza Navona. It sort of hidden in an alley but had my favorite pizza from our trip. In fact, we went back again for a lunch a few days later to try the pasta which was also tasty. See

Jan 13, 2011
zildjain79 in Italy

help: DC business dining on Feb 14th

If I were you, I would stick to the "traditional" business places. Maybe try the Palm or Sam and Harry's on 19th Street NW.