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LA transplant looking for the Best Mexican Food /Markets in the Area (ESPECIALLY MOLE!!!)

I've never heard of either of those places, i'll definitely try it =) Border Cafe is tex-mex in my opinion... but has good food - Boca Grande is better than Anna's lol

Boca Bar & Restaurant
11 Pine St, Waltham, MA 02453

Only a Boston-area hound would...

Avoid the line at Mike's Pastry and treat yourself to a nice Mocha at Cafe Vittoria... then take your car and hike your butt 45 minutes up north to Rockport and get Fried Clams at The Lobster Pool while downing your own 6 pack of Non-Sam Adams beet

Lobster Pool
329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

Mike's Pastry
300 Hanover St, Boston, MA

Only a Boston-area hound would...

Especially the BANDERA!!!!

LA transplant looking for the Best Mexican Food /Markets in the Area (ESPECIALLY MOLE!!!)

I know this is an overwrought question, but I seriously miss LA Mexican food (I am Mexican By the way). I know that it would be a hard stretch to find an LA duplicate... but I'm looking for a place that is as authentic as possible especially in the following categories

1. Mole
2. A very good house salsa (especially salsa verde)
3. Good carne asada/fajitas/
4. Possibly Mariscos or at least shrimp tacos?

So Far I've tried :
-Jose's in Cambridge ( not too impressed though its better than other stuff I've tried)
-Anna's Taqueria... okay
-Boca Grande ( I think its pretty decent)
-Border Cafe (Tex Mex.. but the fajitas are my fave)

Please give me pointers... detailed suggestions.. hell... I'll even take your best suggestions on where to find mexican food ingredients so I can cook it my self.

Bonus points if you can tell me where I can actually buy any of the following items (preferably not online):
-Cast Iron Comal
-Clay olla
-Basically any authentic mexican cooking utensil..

King Taco: what's in that sauce?!!?! [moved from Los Angeles board]

So, I've tried the green salsa recipe and have gotten really darn close at home. I don't remember the exact recipe but here are some pointers.


2. The Onions are added last.. if you look at the consistency of the salsa.. its not really blended at a high speed.. the onions and cilantro are intact in large pieces ( I personally do it in a molcajete and give it 2 pulses in the blender to get it smooth)

3. Use lemon, not lime

4. There are discernible pieces of a red chile in there, it looks like a red chile de arbol or even a new-mexico type hue of red.

5. Its allspice (FRESH WHOLE not powdered) not quite clove

6. Use fresh, not roasted garlic.

7. There is a hint of chipotle and pumpkin seed... but if you use too much you will throw off the initial "spike/kick of the salsa"

8. Work the salsa like a perfume, base notes, middle notes, and top notes..

Jan 13, 2011
nephyrwynn in Home Cooking