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Rachael Ray Knife Sharpener?

Besides cooking, I do a good deal of woodworking and have a fetish about sharp tools. My wife bought this contraption, and I had misgivings about letting any good knives near it. I finally tried it on an old knife I hadn't sharpened in years. I was very surprised at the results. Its a cleverly designed, fairly idiot-proof system that will put a pretty good edge a knife if use per the instructions. It's not one of those coarse things that ruins a blade. It uses a set of progressive spring-tensioned "forks" that act on the edge pretty much the same way as a stone would. We've used for two years on our knives and I'm very satisfied. The carbide v-tool is only for restoring really rough edges; I used it on a fishing knife and it did a respectable job.

So my advice is to try it before condemning it. Sharp knives are tools, not kitchen jewelry or objects of ritual.

Dec 02, 2007
DWPC in Cookware

4 nights/5 days in City of Ventura

Beware of dining value, especially in Downtown Ventura. A lot of hypertrendy, over-priced places have opened (and closed) in the past few years and are passing as restaurants to the impressionable. Ventura is a family-style chain restaurant town but has a number of very good nieghborhood places that have been there for generations; Ferraro's on Main St. in midtown for great homestyle Italian pasta, Casa de Soria on Thompson Blvd for heavy-duty Mex, Old Vienna on Telegraph Rd for wonderful schnitzel or duck. All are reasonable, very casual. For more formal dinner, the century-old Pierpont Inn is excellent, Whereever you go, go early...the good places are packed 6:30, and they roll up the sidewalks at 9. I'd advise against wandering around downtown Ventura alone at night.

Aug 26, 2007
DWPC in Los Angeles Area

4 nights/5 days in City of Ventura

Old Vienna has excellent and hearty Bavarian homestyle food; schnitzels are great and big, the duck is the best I've had in the LA area. But they may be half-empty because the service is mediocre considering dinners with wine or beer quicky run to over $30 per diner with a couple wines or beer. The food is great, but no bargain. We can get great local "homestyle" dinners for two for thatin several comparible places .

Aug 25, 2007
DWPC in Los Angeles Area