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Any great restaurant suggestions near Penne, France (located about 60 miles east of Toulouse)

Yank, thanks for your suggestions we will explore them.. We went to La Falise for lunch today and found the vegetarian menu superb and subtle ( even though neither of us are vegetarian ) and the white wines surprisingly good.
About three to five years ago, we went to a very unusual yet interesting restaurant in the forest, about an hours drive from Penne, hard to find, located in the owners personal home - the husband was the chef ( who had been a three star chef in Aix-en-Provine [we think]}, and his wife and daughter, the staff. The restaurant was on the long, concrete back-yard porch, and over-looked a weedy lawn. The food was outstanding.
Unfortunately, neither my wife nor I can remember the name or location of the place. Probably had too little wine that night. If this rings a bell, please let us know.
Had a fine lunch in Toulouse at Michel Sarran's restaurant last year, and we're looking forward to dinner at La Salette this Friday.
Thanks again for the info. -Howard ( aka The Fresser )

Jun 26, 2013
thefresser in France

Any great restaurant suggestions near Penne, France (located about 60 miles east of Toulouse)

Any suggestions for great restaurants near Penne, France (located about 60 miles east of Toulouse

Jun 26, 2013
thefresser in France

Looking for high-end modern cuisine and great California wine list

In Washingtom for 4 days in early May and intersted in the above restaurants. Thanx

Which foods match with South-West French wines?

I am hosting a tasting of 8 or so recent (2002-2005) wines from the Gaullic and Toulouse region of France. The 4 whites predominantly feature the mauzac grape, while the 4 reds primarily focus on cab franc/merlot blends (85%/15%) . I might add 1 or 2 reds that emphasize the duras or braucol grape.

To accompany these wines, I would like to offer 3 tapas-size food courses, with each course showing 2 t0 3 'foods'. All in all, this means 6-9 'foods' with the 8 wines.

What foods should I serve?

Many thanks!

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Feb 23, 2008
thefresser in Wine