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2011 - Let's talk turkey

I've regularly been buying Mary's thighs and legs, and have bought whole chickens in the past. They've been delicious every time. Love that they're nice and dry, not at all watery, and crisp up very well

Duck Sausage

Completely OT, but wondering if you ever saw the reply to your request for an orange cake with pieces of orange? I was searching for something related and came upon that CH thread. Saw that the recipe was posted twice by the poster and wanted to make sure you had seen it!

Oct 29, 2011
sknittymama in Home Cooking

Tony's Pizza Napoletana Restaurant Review, San Francisco

I'm no expert, but I'd take that pizza any day!

Van deKamps cookies

Are the Duch Girl cookies the same as the rectangular sugar cookies sewdizzy asked about? Those are the ones I remembered and they were pale colored, not a deep golden color.

Jan 10, 2011
sknittymama in General Topics

What discontinued products do you miss?

Oh, yes, that orange cake was delicious! We've "recreated" it, but it's still not the same! BTW, you can special order it if you've got a lot of people to serve or you just want to hoard it in the freezer. ; )

Gratuitous picture from Australian foodservice website:

Jan 10, 2011
sknittymama in General Topics