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Best all you can eat sushi in Montreal?

I would recommend Sushi Palace the one at 1803 rue Poirier Ville St-Laurent (QC). If not, Sushi Plus like above had suggested. Although, it has less "kitchen" item to offer, I love their fish quality.Tokyo Sushi & Crescent Sushi are also good.

SAT Foodlab

No problem. This week's theme is "the hunt"

SAT Foodlab

The thing is that it is hard to define it. Basically you sit down with friends, and once you are ready to order, you go up to the bar and buy "tickets". You can then redeem those tickets for a plate of your choice. You then collect your dish and go back to your place to enjoy it. So there's no waiter. More like a bar, but for food.

Cacao 70

It's amazing! May I suggest their strawberry shortcake? I know it's not "chocolate" but it's delicious!

SAT Foodlab

I did! :) I already made a review. To summarize it quickly, every week they come up with a new theme, all the dishes cost 6$. They also serve alcohol. It is a Wednesday to Saturday 5@8 thing. I love how they experiment with different flavours that you would not really think of putting together like bacon and mint! I went to the first two weeks and I haven't been let down.

Restaurant Openings in 2011

past by, at lunch time, but they seem to still do some constructions (exterior/interior)... Didn't see anybody in there. :T

Out of way, "cheapish/mid-priced" Montreal resto for Sat night, maybe BYOB

La Colombe on Duluth. One of my favourite and when I go with my girlfriend it cost 120$~ that included tips, tax, two table d'hote, one extra entree (foie gras) and a special dessert. It is also a BYOB


I got to agree I already made a review on this. My friend's burger and mine was overcooked even though I ordered medium rare. Even though it was still pink-ish in the middle the outside was just burnt. I returned it and got the same result for the second one. The drinks and plates are over-price actually EVERYTHING is. The computer even lags which leads to some mistakes, obviously such as ordering when you are not done.

Five Guys Burgers - Coming to Montreal !

For the Brossard location, they start constructing the place. As in digging, but that is for the Dix30 part hopefully they will open soon. I'm not sure if my post is clear :T... Ask me if you have questions

Chien-Chaud Victoire (Great Hot Dog Place In Montréal)

YEAH! Can't wait to try it! :) thank you for this update clcormie.

Chien-Chaud Victoire (Great Hot Dog Place In Montréal)

Where are they situated again? In what food court?

Yesterday was Valentine's Day...

Where did you have dinner? Could you share your experience? At the same time I could get some good recommendations for romantic spot! :D

Montreal Highlight Festival 2011

Oupsy! thank you!

Montreal Highlight Festival 2011

It starts the 17 February 2011. I'm not sure how it works I checked their website :

Is it the same kind of Happening Gourmand with pre-made menu or is it you go in, you pay, you eat whatever you want? Are you guys attending it? Thank you in advance for your answers

Chien-Chaud Victoire (Great Hot Dog Place In Montréal)

Does someone know if the place is open now? I can't wait to try their hot dogs! D:

Private dining for surprise birthday party

I've never personally been to it, but someone in my group made a review on it, on my website, "Le Paris Beurre" supposedly the food is really good, the ambiance is nice, you have air conditioning although at this time of the year it's not really necessary. you can put your own mp3, and there's a wifi environment, can go up to 50 persons, maybe worth checking it out.

Best Foie Gras

I've been struggling to find the best foie gras out there in Montreal. It is really hard to find one that doesn't awfully taste bitter. So far the best I ever had was at La Colombe, they seem to nail it every time I go. I've been to Au pied de Cochon, Plaisirs Coupables. Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for your recommendations and patience.

I love this community.

Where's the best burger in Montreal

The best I ever had was M:brg, followed by Buns if that tries I have some post on my blog and that pictures might help. The next one is suppose to be La paryse according to the picture

Popchips in Montreal?

I've never had them but now I'm craving it XD

Restaurant Openings in 2011

That WOULD be something. and I live in Brossard.

help please where is good pho and or indian in montreal?

Pho Lien is a must in terms of Phó

Point G

Did you try their aperitif?

Point G

I was just wondering what you guys think of it? Point G is a macaron boutique (I actually did a review on my website) I don't know if you guys agree with me or if you know any other macaron boutique which is better? I know there is "La maison du macaron" but beside those two...I think that's it... for me at least...

Restaurant Openings in 2011

mmmm sorry I couldn't go today BUT! to make up for it I am going to Point G :)

What to do with 6 ripe avocados ...

Avocado smoothies :) mmmmm They are the best! just google it :D

Jan 11, 2011
Gluttoners in Home Cooking

Yummy Mid-High Range Restos?

One of the waitress with whom I work with suggest me the O'thym ( I personally never tried it but she' tried a lot of restaurant and she always suggest this one might worth take a look. If you do, please tell me how it was so I can go and put it on my blog :) Hope you will have a nice evening with your family!

Good cheap snack/restaurant recommendations?

:D Thank you for all these suggestions!

Restaurant Openings in 2011

What mak2k said! :D and I never been, but I'm going to try one in Town Mt-Royal tomorrow, I'll post a review on my website :)

Good cheap snack/restaurant recommendations?

Well basically we are pretty open to any sort of food as long as it doesn't include cheese. ANything within a walking distant of Metro Peel, Mcgill, Guy-Concordia would be nice :) Thank you for your quick replies! I'll try them! May I have more?

Restaurant Openings in 2011

There is a Ben&Florentine opening the 25th of January, it is situated in front of the Montreal Trust Place, and next to the Basha/Sport Expert