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Best Mexican Restaurants

Fonda del Mar is back at 3749 W Fullerton Ave. The website is ph. 773.489.3748. BYOB, no corkage. Be careful at the website; the link takes you to the Lincoln location, not the Fullerton one.

The seafood is excellent and the main focus, but there are very good meat dishes on the menu too.

We have been there several times in the past year and never had a bad meal.

May 07, 2011
clb5 in Chicago Area

Fresh Sardines

I've seen them at Treasure Island off Clybourn in the past two weeks. Can't vouch as to whether they were previously frozen or not. I hope the Fish Guy's are fresh; for almost $14 a pound they'd better be.

Jan 09, 2011
clb5 in Chicago Area

Best fish tacos in Chicago area?

Thank you for the recommendation.

I had excellent fish tacos in Cozumel in 1995-96. They were were either lightly saut├ęd (no batter) or a room-temperature ceviche. Never had anything like them since, and the most batter-based fried ones are an abomination.

Jan 09, 2011
clb5 in Chicago Area