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Truely good steak house and prime rib

Thanks for the assistance re: steak houses. Does not seem to be big in San Fran as I only had a handful of replies. We will try either Alfred's or Houston's. Thank you and might even hit the House of Prime Rib besides. We're coming from the midwest and beef is in my blood. Excuse the pun.

What am I looking for in terms of Chinese? Well, I agree Tommy Toy's seems excellent...but not necessarily looking for prim/proper decor or high prices. Have seen consistent reviews for Yank Sing as well as R & G Lounge. I love friied noodles so any place that does noodles well would be appreciated. I will undoubtedly just drop into any place for lunch in China Town. Lived in Japan for 5 years so can do without recs there as I have experienced excellence already and know it is hard to find great, affordable Japanese in U. S. Could eat Chinese everyday during the 7 day stay with the exception of a couple of steakhouses and oysters, oysters, oysters. Please feel free to pile on about good chinese although it seems to be something the board has already done. One last question...any reservations/hesitation about Pescheria on Church St.
Thanks very much. I will report back...

Truely good steak house and prime rib

I recognize our U.S. beef possibilities have diminished but will be in San Fran over the long labor day weekend and wish to hear rec about a good steakhouse for Saturday night. Thank you. Also was given two Chinese cuisine recs by Hotel Con...Tommy Toys and Chang Hi...any feedback is welcome. I am always skeptical of Hotel consing's ops...but perhaps? Have reviewed your many opinions and zeroed in on other food spots for what will be a 7 day stay. The steakhouse is still a hole.
Thank you.