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Lebanese Vs Greek Vs Turkish

My parents are Turkish from Northern Cyprus and we only ever ate dolma with rice and ground lamb or beef..the dolma without meat is called yalanci dolma (lying dolma - because of the lack of meat).

Sep 30, 2013
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Disappointing DB Bistro Moderne

This restaurant seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, French, contemporary, not too loud, special occasion dinner and the owner's reputable track record. It is Bistro food in an upmarket setting.

We were a party of 6 and started the evening with a pre-dinner drink in the restaurant's very modern, attractively designed bar area. A hostess came to let us know our table was ready and we were led to the orange walled dining room with high ceiling and bare walls. The dining room was full and was very loud; don't know if it was the acoustics or the number of people although the room was not large. It was however very dark and impossible to read the menu without the waiter's pen light.

It was a Friday night and perhaps because the room had several large tables full, service deteriorated from the moment we placed our order for wine and food. Once the wine came, we did not see a waiter again and had to refill our own glasses with wine and water. A new order of wine did not arrive for 30 minutes and then only because we complained that we had to wait so long for more drinks and the fact that our empty appetizer plates were left in front of us for 30 minutes. As soon as the appetizer plates were removed, the main course arrived. At this point, service improved dramatically; we were offered a bottle of wine, complimentary, plates were removed at the right time and we had no more complaints. The food was very good but nothing was outstanding. On the other hand it was not super expensive either so I would go again except perhaps that the noise level is a bit more than I would like.

One Special Dinner for group of 6 aged mid 40's to late 50's

Many thanks; sounds perfect..will book.

One Special Dinner for group of 6 aged mid 40's to late 50's

Sorry...South Beach, Coral Gables, Miami Beach etc. We're staying on Brickell Avenue.

One Special Dinner for group of 6 aged mid 40's to late 50's

Where would you go? Would be happy with French,, Mediterranean, Italian, Fish or Steak. Should not be too loud or cramped. Celebrating milestone birthday.