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Vegan options in center city

I loooove Citi Marketplace on 13th and Walnut. It's more of a deli/small grocery store for takeout, but they have amazing vegan chicken cheesesteaks, meatball subs, etc. I like them better than Govinda's.
Su Xing house on Sansom and Singapore Vegetarian in Chinatown are my favorite veg Chinese restaurants and offer way more than typical meat substitute dishes.
The Loving Hut on 8th and South is small but cheap and tasty :)

Jan 07, 2011
mycarrotrope in Philadelphia

Less expensive dining options?

Hi everyone,
I'm just starting to plan my trip to Japan in spring 2012. It might be a little early to do a lot of planning, but I'M SO EXCITED! Especially about the food.

I've been looking through the forums and different websites and I feel so overwhelmed. I'm also nervous about budgeting. Most of the restaurants I've read about seem very expensive, and I'd rather eat cheaper and less formally if that means I can go sooner and/or stay longer. The more I look into dining, the more I stress out and worry about having to delay my trip or staying for a shorter period of time.

I would like to be in Tokyo for about a week, and am hoping to be able to spend a couple days in Osaka as well. Any suggestions for eating somewhat frugally while still having some of the best food of my life?

Jan 07, 2011
mycarrotrope in Japan