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Cute, date restaurant - no reservations needed

Hi -

I'm looking to go to a new restaurant tonight for "date night" -- something moderately priced ($20-$30 entrees) and not requiring a 2 hour wait to get in. Would prefer someplace with outdoor seating with some character. Pretty open to types of food, but looking to stay downtown-ish (Union Square and below).

To give some context, have been considering Hearth, August, Hundred Acres, Forge, Lupa (the wait took this one off the list) and Mercadito.


Sep 05, 2008
aefitz in Manhattan

Everything Pumpkin

I highly recommend the pumpkin ravioli from Fairway (in their homemade ravioli section). It's delicious! Just make a simle sauce with some butter and sage and then some crushed walnuts on top. Yum!

Nov 17, 2007
aefitz in Manhattan