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Charcuterie at home

I am looking to make a nice charcuterie plate at home for Thanksgiving celebration. I usually pick up the ingredients from the Reading Terminal Market when I get to the City. Any other hidden gems I should try?

Oct 27, 2013
vonhayes91b in Philadelphia

Spiciest indian food in lisbon?

looking for help to find the spiciest indian food in lisbon. Either a very spicy vindaloo or a phal. Thoughts?

Jun 08, 2012
vonhayes91b in Spain/Portugal

Honeymoon trip in May. Feedback appreciated.

Thank you. I will scale it back as suggested.

Jan 02, 2012
vonhayes91b in Spain/Portugal

Honeymoon trip in May. Feedback appreciated.

I will be traveling to Barcelona in late May for my Honeymoon. My fiancee and I are adventurous eaters and have never been to Spain. We currently live in Miami and used to live in Chicago. We are very excited for this trip and I have researched most of the posts on this board. Below is a draft itinerary and I would greatly appreciate any feedback from those who have been to these places and are familiar with Barcelona. We will have 6 nights in Barcelona. We arrive on a Tuesday and leave on Monday (we then go to San Sebastian and Portugal). We are staying at a hotel on Las Ramblas.


Lunch: Explore the Boquerio with lunch at Quim.

Dinner: Explore Barcelona tapas bars


Lunch: Tapas 24

Dinner: Alkimia (Reservation request pending)


Lunch: Sant Pau. [We are taking the train]

Dinner: 41 Degrees (Hopeful to get reservation when they become available)


Lunch: El Vaso De Oro

Dinner: Tickets (Hopeful to get reservation when they become available)


Lunch: El Celler De Can Roca (Taking train. Reservation request pending)

Dinner: Gelonch or Berri Tatika? [Suggestion?]



Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Jan 02, 2012
vonhayes91b in Spain/Portugal

Help Planning Honeymoon

I am trying to plan a honeymoon for May/June 2012. We are most interested in just enjoying the local cuisine/wine. We will have two weeks to spend and the only place I am positive I want to spend a few days in is San Sebastian. Otherwise we are considering Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, or anywhere else that peaks our interest. We would like to do some cooking lessons and wine tours as well. Any thoughts on where else to go during those two weeks keeping in mind that the food is the number one priority?

Mar 24, 2011
vonhayes91b in Spain/Portugal

Miami Fish Markets

Looking for a place to buy sushi quality tuna in Miami for home cooking.