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butcher recommendation in pittsburgh?

Dear Chowhounders,

Can anyone recommend a butcher in Pittsburgh? Someone who can reliably provide excellent quality and reasonable prices both in general and for unusual items that might be difficult to find in markets (sweetbreads, veal cheeks, marrow bones, etc.)?



Nov 11, 2007
djbpitt in Pennsylvania

Covering an indoor gas grill?

Dear Chowhounders, Outdoor grills and many stand-alone indoor ones have integrated covers, which are useful for covering thicker foods as needed during cooking. The indoor grill built into my range top doesn't have such a cover--and, for that matter, neither do the indoor grills I see in open restaurant kitchens. What is the indoor equivalent of covering an outdoor grill? Start or finish the food in the oven? Use foil or an inverted foil roasting pan (which might catch on fire in a flare-up)? Something else? Thanks, David

Aug 25, 2007
djbpitt in Cookware