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BYOB in Portland

Asmara serves beer and wine:
I think that means they can't be BYOB.

BYOB destinations I do know of in Portland are Schulte & Herr and Tu Casa. The Well in Cape Elizabeth (seasonal) is also BYOB.

Mar 07, 2015
anestes in Northern New England

Portland NYE dining?

Kat, I've begun assembling a 2013 New Year's Eve list. In case you haven't made a final decision yet, here's the list so far:

Dec 12, 2013
anestes in Northern New England

Portland NYE dining?

Thanks Kat!

Nov 27, 2013
anestes in Northern New England

Portland NYE dining?

Kat, most restaurants haven't started announcing yet whether they plan to be open on New Year's Eve. That said it's a safe bet that those that did last year probably will do so again in 2013. Here's a link to my 2012 NYE dining list for reference:

Bar Lola, Bresca and Carmen have all closed since then but new options in town that may do a NYE dinner are Piccolo, Oscar's, Empire Chinese Kitchen, Outliers, Little Tap House. Also, I have to imaging that Hunt & Alpine will do something special for New Year's Eve.

Anestes Fotiades
Editor of Portland Food Map

Nov 25, 2013
anestes in Northern New England

Is Piccolo in Portland open yet?

Fourstar, thought you'd want to know that Piccolo is now open. It opened Friday night.

Sep 15, 2013
anestes in Northern New England

Is Piccolo in Portland open yet?

Not yet. Just talked with the chef and an opening isn't that far off though.

Sep 05, 2013
anestes in Northern New England

Three dinners in Portland

The dinner hours at Artemisia are Wednesday through Saturday, 5 pm to close. You can see a copy of the menu here:

May 22, 2013
anestes in Northern New England

Christmas Eve dinner in the greater Portland, Maine area?

Cinque Terre is hosting their annual Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve.

Additionally, I just checked and it looks like there are still a few restaurants in Portland with space for a party of 3.

Dec 21, 2011
anestes in Northern New England

Eating through Portland in 2.5 days...

You can fit a lot of good eating in 2.5 days. Having Otto on your list mean's you're off to a great start. If you can get here earlier enough on Sunday then Sunday Brunch is a must--I'd recommend you pay a visit to Caiola's. For breakfast on Monday and Tuesday consider Hot Suppa and 158 Pickett Street Cafe. At some point in your trip be sure to visit Standard Baking.

Selecting just one fine dining restaurant from the wealth of options will be tough. As mla19 mentioned you can't go wrong with Bresca (and if you go have the buttermilk pana cotta for dessert) but Bar Lola, Emilitsa, Petite Jacqueline and Fore Street should also get some consideration.

For a more casual meal Boda is a good option for Thai and Paciarino for pasta, Po'Boys or Aurora Provisions for sandwiches, or Kamasouptra for soup.

Gorgeous Gelato is an excellent choice for a cold mid afternoon treat and Bard is the best choice for coffee.

Since you enjoy beer you can't leave town without a trip to Novare Res and/or The Great Lost Bear. Several of the brewers are located in the same section of town on Industrial Way and I think Allagash does do tours.

Have a great visit!

The Great Lost Bear
540 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101

Fore Street
288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

Bar Lola
100 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04000

Hot Suppa
703 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

111 Middle Street, Portland, ME 04101

468 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101

Jun 13, 2011
anestes in Northern New England

Looking for help -South Portland and Portland Waterfront restaurant recs

My favorites for Sunday brunch are Caiola's and Local 188 but there are a lot of others options as well. For a complete list check out

58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

Local 188
685 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

Jun 08, 2011
anestes in Northern New England

Portland Maine - for Xmas???

Christmas Eve — Cinque Terre will be holding their annual Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner, 4-8, $65 per person. A number of restaurants will be open on Christmas Eve: Andy’s Old Port Pub, El Rayo, Eve’s at the Garden, Five Fifty-Five, Gritty’s, Haraseeket Inn, Havana South, Holiday Inn by the Bay, Sebago Brewing, The Corner Room, The Farmer’s Table, The Front Room, The Grill Room and Vignola are all planning on being open Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day — A select few restaurants are planning to be open on Christmas Day, some with special holiday-themed menus: Gritty’s, Holiday Inn by the Bay, Old Port Tavern, Twenty Milk Street, the Eastland Park Hotel, Haraseeket Inn in Freeport, Sable Oaks Marriott in South Portland and the Sea Glass Restaurant in Cape Elizabeth.

These lists are from

Dec 22, 2010
anestes in Northern New England

New Years Eve in Portland?

Here's an updated list: Bar Lola, BiBo's, Bresca, Bull Feeney's, Cinque Terre, David's, DiMillo's, El Rayo, Events on Broadway, Five Fifty-Five, Figa, Fore Street, Frog & Turtle, Grace, Havana South, Local 188, Old Port Sea Grill, Paciarino, Ribollita, Sonny's, Sea Glass Restaurant, Season's Grille, The Farmer's Table, The Grill Room, The Salt Exchange, Vignola, Walter's and Zackery's.

Dec 19, 2010
anestes in Northern New England

Cooking Class in Portland Maine Area

For friends that are interested in raw food there's Girl Gone Raw (, and Stonewall Kitchen ( teaches traditional cooking classes at their facility in York.

While not quite cooking classes, Wine Wise ( and Maine Foodie Tours ( might also be worth checking out as gift ideas.

Stonewall Kitchen
2 Stonewall Ln, York, ME 03909

Dec 14, 2010
anestes in Northern New England

New Years Eve in Portland?

Here's a list of Portland restaurants that are open on New Year's Eve: Bar Lola, BiBo’s, Bresca, Bull Feeney’s, Cinque Terre, David’s, Five Fifty-Five, Figa, Frog & Turtle, Grace, Havana South, Local 188, Old Port Sea Grill, Paciarino, Sonny’s, Sea Glass Restaurant, Season’s Grille, The Grill Room, The Salt Exchange, Vignola and Zackery’s.

I published this list on my site this morning and will be posting updates there as I learn about them.

Dec 13, 2010
anestes in Northern New England

Poutine in Portland?

Frog & Turtle has it on their menu.

Feb 27, 2010
anestes in Northern New England

Raw Oysters in Maine, Early June...?

You should be able to find raw oysters year round. In Portland I'd recommend Harbor Fish Market if you want to buy some to bring home and Old Port Sea Grill's raw bar as a good place to get them served.

Feb 27, 2010
anestes in Northern New England

Sunday lunch, Portland

Walter's has re-opened but from what their website ( says it looks like they haven't started up for Sunday brunch yet. I hear good things about the brunch at Caiola's and if I remember correctly The Breakfast Club gave a good review to the brunch at Bibo's. I put together a list of Sunday brunch spots on my website that you might find helpful.

Jan 13, 2010
anestes in Northern New England

Saigon Restaurant - Portland, ME

Saigon is at 795 Forest Ave where Acropolis (and before it Shahnaz) used to be.

Dec 13, 2009
anestes in Northern New England

Asian Grocery/Market in Portland area?

There's also Makot Pech on Saint John St, and the Indian market Masala Mahal in South Portland.

Saturday lunch in Portland

The Blue Spoon is open for lunch. Walter's and Local 188 are as well.

New Mexican Restaurant in Portland

El Rayo hasn't yet opened for business yet. They hope to do so some time next week.

Cassoulet in Portland?

I've had Cassoulet in Portland at Both 555 and Bar Lola. I've also heard that it's been on the menu at Brian Boru.

New years eve, portland maine

Five Fifty-Five, Emilitsa, Bar Lola, Frog and Turtle, Sea Grass Bistro, and Verrillo's are all holding New Year's Eve dinners.

Take Out Place in Portland, ME?

There are a couple online resources that can help you out:

Maine Take Out has a list of menus of places that definitely do take out.

2 Dine In is a delivery service that delivers food from a number of restaurants in the area. It might be nice touch to take your bf to the eastern promenade and have 2 Dine In deliver the food to you there.

Between these two sites there are a lot of choices (albeit not an exhaustive list of all takeout options). I'd second the recommendation of Haggarty's. I also think the pizza at Bonobo would be a good choice. Duckfat does takeout and is on your way from the Top of the East to the east end.

There are probably a lot of restaurants that don't advertise that they do take out but would be willing to put something together if you called.

"New" Hugo's- Portland

There's also a report on the rejuvenated Hugo's on the Chow Maine website:

Birthday Cake in Portland area?

Cakes Extraordinaire on Brighton specializes in baking cakes for birthdays, weddings and other events.

Challah in Portland

Standard Bakery sells Challah. I haven't tried it yet but given how good everything else is there it's probably worth checking out.

Ethnic markets in Portland?

There are almost 20 ethnic markets in Portland. Micucci's is great for Italian/Mediteranean food, Bogusha's for Polish and food stuffs from Central Europe, Several Asian markets and several Middle Eastern and East African markets are also in town. Here's a map that can give you a sense of where they're located so you can find the ones that are convenient for you to get to

Greek food in Portland

I stopped by the opening night (last Friday) and had a very enjoyable meal. They opened with a limited menu, I'm not sure if they've expanded it out yet. The wine list was full of Greek wines I have not tried before. Unlike other new restaurants in Portland that have struggled a bit with providing good service, the service at Emilitsa was excellent.

Update on Greek Restaurant in Portland?

I think the restaurant you're referring to is Emilitsa at 547 Congress St. When I drove by it a couple days ago they hadn't opened yet.