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The Original Corpse Reviver #2

Just tried it..if you can't get to St Maartin to buy legal absinthe use sweet vermouth instead of Lillet Blanc to take some of the fruityness out.

Jan 10, 2011
Swamp Lady in Recipes

The Original Corpse Reviver #2

It's great with "real" absinthe. Yes, it is illegal to buy here in the US but, if you buy it where it is legal you can bring it into the US. Maybe the insanity came from the fact opium was taken with absinthe. Anyway, it's not as fruity with real absinthe.

Jan 09, 2011
Swamp Lady in Recipes

Quick Mojito

I was at the local farmers market here in Atlanta and a Cuban woman buying limes told me the secret to a great drink was to caramelize the sugar a "little" when making the simple syrup. I use the same simple syrup when making Guaro Sours.

Jan 05, 2011
Swamp Lady in Recipes

Lion fish on the menu in the Bahamas?

I realize you have taken your trip already however, for anyone that is looking for info on Lion is great. Lion Fish are destroying the reefs and need to be controlled. The Bahamian government has put a bounty on the fish. If you go when fishermen are doing a large fishing trip they will have a fish fry on the beach. Last one I heard of was on Bimini.

One Lunch in St. Maarten

Two places you have to eat at in St Maarten. One is on the French side in Marigot..Seraphina
The other is a small place at the end of Front St. I say end but it is on the dock end. If you dock on the Dutch side it will be on the landing side.
The drinks are made with fresh fruits. You can eat at tables right on the beach.