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Road Trip from Pittsburg - Winchester VA - Morgantown W VA

Jun 21, 2012
GeoNit in Mid-Atlantic

Road Trip from Pittsburg - Winchester VA - Morgantown W VA

About six weeks ago, I was bidding on Priceline for a Saturday night hotel room in the Winchester/Front Royal/Strasburg zones. After a few bid rejections, my $41 bid ($52.84 after taxes and fees) was accepted by the Strasburg Fairfield.

Since I’d never been to Strasburg before, I did a Google search for Strasburg restaurant reviews.

Christina's Cafe in Strasburg, located off I-81 about a mile south of the junction of I-68 and I-81, appeared to be the best prospect. Excellent food and ambiance!

Jun 19, 2012
GeoNit in Mid-Atlantic

What the XXXX....'Big Mouth Kee' - Richmond Hill's top-Ranked Chinese Eatery!!!! [moved from Ontario]


You incorrectly moved this thread from the Ontario, Canada forum to the Mid-Atlantic foum.

Richmond Hill (population 190,000) is located just north of Toronto, Ontario.

May 28, 2011
GeoNit in Food Media & News

Where's Chang?

Mar 01, 2011
GeoNit in Mid-Atlantic

Dinner in Altoona

Al's Tavern:

Al's Tavern
2831 8th Ave, Altoona, PA 16602

Feb 12, 2011
GeoNit in Pennsylvania

Richmond Virginia Best Hamburger and French Fries Combo

Here's a starter list for the hamburger portion of your quest:

Jan 23, 2011
GeoNit in Mid-Atlantic

Recommend best Richmond restaurants?

McLeans has moved. New address is 3205 W. Broad St.. -- three blocks east of old location, same side of street.

Jan 06, 2011
GeoNit in Mid-Atlantic

Suggestions for Niagra Falls Please

Aug 13, 2010
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Richmond, VA and surrounding area

Links to Richmond restaurant reviews

Jun 07, 2010
GeoNit in Mid-Atlantic

Where to go for Chinese food for dinner/Peking Duck in the Toronto area?

May 26, 2010
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What NOT to miss in Pittsburgh?

Correct link for Isaly's:

Feb 18, 2010
GeoNit in Pennsylvania

AUTHENTIC Chinese wanted- Downtown +

Here's a previous thread on the same subject:

Jul 10, 2009
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Crawfish Shack Seafood - Buford Hwy

Katj, I suppose you don't realize that the Sun and the whole Universe revolve around Atlanta. That's why the OP didn't bother identifying the location the either the heading or the body of the post.

By the powers of Google, here's where to look:

May 05, 2009
GeoNit in General South Archive

Week in Pittsburgh, No Car

You might want to consider buying one-week transit passes:
One big bonus is that you can use the weekly pass on both inclines without paying an additional fare.
Here’s a link for transit pass sales outlets:

After you have obtained your transit pass, plan a late lunch after 1:30 p.m. so that you can get a window table at one of the Duquesne Heights restaurants.

Directions: From Station Square, walk across Carson Street and take the Monongahela Incline to the top of Mt. Washington. Walk slightly less than a mile along Grandview Avenue to the restaurants in Duquesne Heights. Your walk will be mostly level, passing two or three observation decks along the way.

Here are some Duquesne Heights restaurants/website links:
LeMont, 1114 Grandview Ave.
Tin Angel, 1200 Grandview Ave.
Bella Vista Ristorante Italiano, 1204 Grandview Ave.
Cliffside Restaurant, 1208 Grandview Ave.
Coal Hill Steak House at the Grandview Saloon, 1212 Grandview Ave.
City Lights Café, 1216 Grandview Ave.
Georgetowne Inn , 1230 Grandview Ave.
Isabela on Grandview Restaurant, 1318 Grandview Ave.
Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, 1411 Grandview Ave.

After lunch, ride down the Duquesne Incline and, at the base, take any inbound bus one stop to Gateway Center, Downtown. From there, walk along Liberty Avenue less than a quarter-mile to the subway plaza at Wood Street. From there, take the subway from Wood Street Station three stops back to Station Square.

Jul 16, 2008
GeoNit in Pennsylvania

Dinner with small kids Pitts.

You might want to consider a stop at Sarris Candies' factory store / ice cream parlor lodcated in Canonsburg, which is located about 10 miles (two exits) south of Bridgeville off of I-79.

Mar 14, 2008
GeoNit in Pennsylvania

100 Tastes to try before you die?

Here's the link for Chatto's list:

Dec 30, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

TL's "Must-Try-Before-You-Die" Tastes

So what Toronto "Must-Try-Before-You-Die" Tastes did Toronto Life miss?

Dec 29, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


Dec 14, 2007
GeoNit in Cookware

Kudzu Powder

Here's a related Chowhoud kudzu thread:

Aug 03, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dining in Markham?

Lotsa good (and bad) eating out Markham way.

Start at Ground Zero (Hilton Suites), insert Tums/Nexium/Pepcid, etc. and begin working your way through this list of 883 restaurants (addresses and map links included) that are within 5 kilometers (about 3 miles) of your hotel:
. Report back when your belt expands three notches!

May 16, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bona Pizza -- thumbs up!

Here's a locator map for Bona;

Feb 09, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

2 dim sum reviews

Jan 29, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

forestview chinese restaurant - new dim sum find

Jan 29, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


Speaking of dying for vichyssoise ...

Jan 16, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Mother's Dumplings - A Real Chowfind

Peechie, can you pick out the name of the Midland/Finch dumpling house from this list of Midland/Finch neigborhood restaurants?

Jan 09, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Ethiopian?

Jan 08, 2007
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Poutine Rapee

Dec 02, 2006
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


You might try one of the Caldense locations:

Nov 14, 2006
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where is the best Seafood Store in the west end?

Jul 15, 2006
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where is the best Seafood Store in the west end?

Jul 13, 2006
GeoNit in Ontario (inc. Toronto)