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Best Burger in Vancouver - what's your vote?

Any opinions on fast food type burgers? Coming from the lands of In-n-Out and Dick's Drive In, I sometimes a a craving for a small, simple, and cheap burger. I'm looking for something along the lines of the "baby burger" at A&W, but hopefully made with fresher ingredients and more love.

Any suggestions for sliders would be great also!

Vancouver cheap / late night / student eats

Walking distance isn't really a big issue. It was just something convenient about Seattle.

I do have a bus pass and a car, so I can make it anywhere around town.

Vancouver cheap / late night / student eats

I moved to Vancouver a couple days ago, and I'm having a rather difficult time finding restaurants that meet the needs of a student. Very good, moderately expensive (for a student, anyway) restaurants are quite easy to find, but I've yet to encounter the kind of cheap, late night, local, fast foody restaurants that abound near universities elsewhere.

I lived in Seattle for just a couple months this summer, and in that short time, I was able to find the following within walking distance of my apartment:

-Gyros for about $3.50 at a place open until 2:00am every day
-Greasy, heart killing, delicious, fast food double cheeseburgers for $2.20 at a place open until 2:00am
-Clasier, fresher, made to order cheeseburgers for $4.00
-Huge bowls of pho including dessert for under $4.00
-Complete Chinese meal with tea, egg roll, bbq pork, rice, and entree for $6 to $7
-Delicious home made veggie burgers for $4.00 at a place open until 1am
-much, much more

I have yet to find an area with establishments in Vancouver. The UBC area is clearly not suited for such places, but does this exist anywhere in Vancouver? My initial thought is that real estate and ingredients are simply too expensive here to allow for such restaurants. Please tell me that I'm wrong.