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Winterlicious Report: Toula

Toula is brutal any time of the year....

1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, CA


I really like Ceno - best place in the Ave/Dav area for sure.

The service is great and very attentive. I went on a Thursday night and they had live music (bonus!!)...which apparently they have every weekend. I love seafood and two dishes stand out for me - the lobster gnocchi and the trio of raw fish - one was prepared 'Mediterranean style' with olive oil, lemon juice, the other two were more Asian-inspired - spicy mayo and a Ponzu sauce.

My boyfriend had the rib-eye and the truffled potatoes with Parmesan/truffle foam. It smelled (and tasted) amazing! You should definitely check it out.

Winterlicious LOVE only - Where are the MUST eats?

I always have a good experience at the Corner House. Delicious every time!

Corner House
501 Davenport Avenue, Toronto, ON M3R 4R6, CA

Best restaurant for Birthday?

I wholeheartedly agree...Buca is also close by Jacobs as well. Great food for sure. Good luck!


Best restaurant for Birthday?

No, actually, the music isn't too loud (i had the same reservations when we were seated...I was worried i wouldn't hear my date!). The restaurant is divided into an upper and lower level and the musicians are on one end (at the front) and the dining room is on the other towards the back. The space is divided by a large bar and steps to the second level.

I work near Jacobs - apparently the food is great (esp. cesar salad), but mega $$$$. Maybe you should have someone take you there on YOUR bday. :)

Globe Bistro??

I've always eaten well at Globe and once, when i got a really tough veal chop, I told the Adrian (the maitre, I believe) who called me the next day and said the kitchen tried the veal and agreed that it was tough...they gave me a gift certificate more than the value of my dish to compensate.

Has anyone tried the steak with mashed potatoes at Globe. To die for - they're so tasty! Great patio in the summer too.

Best restaurant for Birthday?

Guess so... :0)

Best restaurant for Birthday?

I recently went to Ceno and it's worth the cab/subway ride to Yorkville....If you're open to spending significant coin at places like Hy's, Canoe etc, you may as well throw in a few more bucks to try Ceno out, esp. if it's a special occasion like a birthday - Ceno has live music Thurs, Fri and Sat.

Best restaurant for Birthday?

Avoid Barbarians - the biggest let down. The restaurant is completely dated, the food overpriced and really, nothign special. Biggest let down ever.