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Child's afternoon birthday party - 60 people

Good thinking on wings and marking cups! Shrimp cocktail gets pricey fast but deviled eggs is a good and more substantial alternative.

After mulling another reply I am leaning toward doing a couple hearty dips- buffalo chicken dip and cheesy artichoke dip along with cheese, fruit, veggies and chips/crackers. I think that is plenty for an afternoon along with the cake.

Thanks everyone. Other suggestions definitely welcome!

Child's afternoon birthday party - 60 people

Thanks - i like your response because it was what I wanted to hear! :)

I think you are right that I need to do something more than just fruit, veggies, crackers but that I can still keep it somewhat minimal. Dips are a good idea as they make people feel more full but are easy to prepare in advance. I know our friends really like a buffalo chicken dip and a cheesy artichoke dip which are both extremely delicious and easy.

Thanks for helping to get my creative juices flowing!

Child's afternoon birthday party - 60 people

The invite didn't specify an end time or anything about food. Just the start time and occasion. There is a kid activity - we are going to have them do some painting and plan to have sidewalk chalk available. Most of the adults who are coming are the parents of kid guests (a few close family friends and aunts/uncle types).

Yes, it definitely is a party for the adults too so I think I am inclined to agree that we need to do more. I could easily do the cheese cubes and I was thinking maybe chicken wings? It would be easy to do them in advance in the oven and have a large platter. I am not crazy about the idea of firing up the grill as it is a distraction for the griller and I think full burgers/hot dogs is too substantial for a non mealtime plus then we have to watch the kids around the hot grill.

For drinks I have two nice beverage dispensers and I was thinking of doing lemonade in one and water with something decorative in it (like fruit? so it doesn't look like "just" water).

Child's afternoon birthday party - 60 people

My son's 2nd birthday party is next weekend and I think I may have bit off a bit more than I intended. I have been planning on a casual backyard party, very easy. Well, I've tallied the RSVPs and we will have 40 adults and 15 children (most in the 2 year old range, some a bit older).

The party is at 3pm so I do not think we need to do a full meal but I do think we should offer more than just cake. I want to keep it relatively simple and relatively affordable. What would you do?

I was thinking fruit and veggie trays and a couple of bowls of kid snacks like Cheez-It crackers, raisins and graham crackers. Do you think that is enough? Do i need to do more?

Thanks for your help!

KC breakfast joints

I had a WONDERFUL breakfast at Succotash. They only do breakfast and lunch and they do it well. I have tried the Kitchen Sink and the blueberry pancakes. Both wonderful as well as very friendly servers and warm, welcoming ambiance.

Apr 05, 2012
melissalane4730 in Great Plains

Where can I buy a whole duck in DC?

One of the vendors at the 14th & U market carries them. That market is closed for the winter, but he does monthly winter deliveries. The farm is called Pecan Meadow. You might try some of the year-round markets like Dupont.

Not so touristy food in touristy DC

You can definitely bring your own lunch to the central courtyard at the Portrait Gallery. It is one of my favorite spaces in DC. You could get a pizza to go from Matchbox or maybe noodles from one of the few really Chinese places left in Chinatown - the noodle place that's just south of H street on 6th st.

If the salad craze hasn't hit your hometown yet, you could also try Chopt, which is right across from the Gallery Place metro. They custom-make salads w/ dozens of ingredients to choose from and have great home-made dressings. I'd probably do that over Pret a Manger if you don't come from a salad-loving town.