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Reducing gravy recipe by 2/3; do I reduce simmering time by 2/3 too?

Hi, I'm making gravy. The recipe calls for 6 cups of chicken broth (plus other ingredients) and says to simmer for an hour and a half. I'm making 1/3 of the recipe, which means I am simmering 2 cups of broth. Do I simmer for 30 minutes only? Thanks!

Dec 24, 2012
julesmck in Home Cooking

ISO brown rice/water proportions for Zojirushi micom 5.5 cup rice maker to make fried rice


I've been trying to make fried rice using brown rice cooked in the Zojirushi micom rice maker, but the texture isn't quite right (too soft), even after refrigeration for a day or so. Can anyone share their perfect water/brown rice proportions with me? Also, does long- or short-grain brown rice work better for fried rice?



Jan 03, 2012
julesmck in Home Cooking