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Kitchen Counter Covers for Pesach

A few years ago I bought several 48"x96" LPDE plastic sheets and cut them exactly to fit my kitchen counters. There are 7 pieces and my son loves the "Peasch Puzzle" of fitting the right piece on the right piece of countertop.

I don't think I spent more than $50 or $60 for 3 or 4 sheets; that was 8 years ago and I have reused them each year... saving hours from the old vinyl-tablecloth-plus-masking-tape ordeal from beforehand.

I got them from a general plastics store in Philadelphia; they should be easily obtainable if you have a materials/industrial area near where you live.

Mar 04, 2013
JugglerDave in Kosher

Center City Snacks

Chinese buns at KC's Pastries (sweet or savory). They're a bargain too.
Croissant from LeBus or Metropolitan
Canele from La Colombe
A single taco from one of the Tacquerias in/near the Italian Market

Nov 29, 2012
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

Hot fudge sundae

I highly recommend Zwahlen's (Frozen Custard) in Audubon... And they make their own Hot Fudge Sauce... Regular and Dark.

I'm partial to the "Tubby Turtle":
Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, caramel, pecans, whipped cream, and a cherry

Oct 27, 2012
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

île flottante dessert in Montreal - but not with fancy dinner?

thanks, sounds like the place we should try! although the words "Share" and "dessert" don't go together in my vocabulary :-)

île flottante dessert in Montreal - but not with fancy dinner?

I was wondering if there was anyplace in Montreal that I could get a traditional ile flottante (merangue floating in custard / sometimes called "birds milk" or at least that's what my Hungarian relatives call it) but not as part of a full upscale dinner? is a.mazing!

The Bride & I were underwhelmed as well, at dinnertime. Nothing that we ordered seemed to elevate above 'ok but not excellent'. The pot de creme dessert (which Craig LeBan wrote as "overgelled" was like a bucket of thick tar. I didn't finish it; the first time in a very very long time I can remember not finishing a dessert.

Off topic but we had a wonderful dinner at Kennett last night which we enjoyed 10x more.

Oct 10, 2011
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

Fancy Dessert (chocolate) "bar" in Philadelphia (at a hotel?)?

Swann Lounge at the Four Seasons had a dessert buffet on Friday/Saturday nights but they stopped it a few years ago. According to my phone calendar, we went in May 2002!

Jul 14, 2011
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

Meme Review

Meme is a restaurant I want to like, as I live in the neighborhood and love the outdoor seating in warm weather. Ive been perhaps 4 or 5 times since they opened. However, on my two visits last year I left disappointed.

On the first, a steak ordered medium-rare came out virtually well. I sent it back, and the second one came out not quite as bad but certainly over-prepared. On the second visit, pan-seared scallops (a dish I order often in many different restaurants) came out with the center COLD. Those went back as well.

Unfortunately it is hard to decide to return and give them another chance when two visits in a row were disappointing.

Mar 08, 2011
JugglerDave in Philadelphia


I had a very nice special of Shad fillet with a smoked scallop vinaigrette topping last week at Friday Saturday Sunday.

Apr 21, 2010
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

Help me find a good kosher butcher, please.

Yes the Acme on Montgomery Ave (Narberth/Wynnewood) has a kosher butcher section.

Mar 22, 2010
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

Great moist brownies in town.

I was very pleased on two separate occasions with the moist brownies at "Caffeination" coffee shop at 21st & Chestnut.

Mar 14, 2010
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

Seeking Fujianese cuisine:

Fuzhou House (22nd & South St) is a take-out/delivery place -- maybe one lonely plastic table in there, primarily for waiting for picking up food. I'm looking at the menu now and I don't see any dishes that I don't see on other typical menus, but I don't know anything about Fujianese dishes and whether they are over or under-represented.

We have only had the vegetarian dishes (they have a full page of the mock meat stuff, which is atypical, and their tagline on the menu is "Famous Vegetarian Dishes") and it has been pretty tasty, but nowhere as good as Su Xiang House for vegetarian Chinese.

Dec 26, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Please help finalize Philly list!! (Researched)

Thanksgiving is tough, but I would concentrate on the Chinatown/Vietnamese places. Perhaps try Chung King Garden or Szechwan Tasty House in chinatown for amazing Szechwan food.

Nov 24, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Attention Philly hounds! Car-less visiting L.A. Chowhound needs to know-- Where is the best Philly Cheesesteak available by SEPTA (subway and W2 lines)

I hate to say it but most of your choices are way off the beaten path for transit without several transfers.

My heartfelt advice: When you take the Airport Septa line, take it to Market East station. You are then only 1 block from Reading Terminal Market, where you can enjoy DiNic's Roast Pork (with provolone and broccoli rabe). And you can have all the other treats in the market (the market... and CH.... are filled with suggestions). Then an easy 1 block walk back to your train station, hop back on the R2 up to warminster.

Nov 24, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Please help finalize Philly list!! (Researched)

If you can't get into Modo Mio, and even if you can, I would suggest Paesano's (same owner) for the best hot sandwiches. Mmm.

Try adding a lunchtime Italian Market crawl down 9th Street to your list. You can get great Puebla-style tacos at several of the places around 9th & Washington. Sarcone's Deli was mentioned, also Bitars at 10th & Federal does a nice grilled falafel sandwich.

I'll confirm that the chocolate cake dessert at Meme was excellent!

Adding Ethiopian food to your list... there are a few places around. We recently went to Abyssinia Ethiopian at 45th/Locust and it was very good. In Center City, "Almaz Cafe" also has Ethiopian (20th just above Walnut) but you can't tell from outside, it's on a 'hidden' menu.

Nov 24, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Heading to Philadelphia for 2 days ONLY - have done research! Advice Rq Pls

Paesano's is fantastic and have some of the best sandwiches in the city! And as urbanfabric said, you don't have to walk there -- it's literally one block from the Market St El ("Blue Line") Girard Ave Stop, which is only 5 minutes' ride from Center City.

Nov 19, 2009
JugglerDave in Philadelphia

Oyster House

The Bride & I ate there on Saturday night -- thought we'd give it a try after being extremely underwhelmed during the previous ownership. Unfortunately we both thought everything was still VERY mediocre (although the NE Clam Chowder was quite good).

Service was extremely rushed! Even with a cocktail, appetizers, and entree we were out in 35 minutes, which was very unpleasant. I understand the need to turn tables and be "efficient" but that's too rushed for an evening meal.

The Bride's fish could have been titled "butter, served three ways". The fish, fennel & other accompaniments were extremely over-soaked.

My crabcakes were OK. Drinks were good.

Oct 12, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania


We stopped in yesterday afternoon. The line was almost out the door. The yogurt was tasty. The dark chocolate "torone" topping was OK but not spectacular (and hardened a la "Magic shell").

The portion is deceptively small - the cups are part of the deception with the cup bottom halfway down the cylinder and domed upwards inside.

All in all the Bride & I agreed - we'll continue to go to Capogiro instead.

Jul 13, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Saturday night dinner at the Piazza at Scmidts

Details please? Bad service? food? prices?

Jun 24, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Should Some Restaurants Be Child-Free?

Here in Center City Philadelphia we're fortunate to have lots of restaurants with outdoor seating on the street. For us with a toddler, we can pull the stroller up to the table (or use a provided high chair), and if he gets antsy for some reason we can take him away from the table quickly. Judging by experience & just visibility, it is very acceptable to bring kids (of most ages) to the outdoor seating at restaurants at almost any upscale/downscale level.

out of season, we noticed that going to restaurants with a baby/toddler very very early (5 or 5:30pm) and only having 1 course is generally accepted, except for higher-end restaurants and perhaps some of the trendy/lounge type places. Restaurants give cues against this by not having highchairs available; we oblige & don't go there. We're out before prime eating time (6:30), not only that, most restaurants are near-empty and happy to turn over the table once more in the evening. And there are usually other families in the same situation at the restaurant.

Jun 16, 2009
JugglerDave in Not About Food

Ice Cream Sundaes - CC West?

Success! Tastebud's (24th & Lombard), a place that has been growing on us, now has hand-dipped ice cream & sundae toppings including hot fudge!

They have 8 flavors (pretty standard mix), kiddie cone was $1.85, a fairly large 1-scoop is $2.50, and Sundae w/ hot fudge & whipped cream & cherry was around $4.50 I believe.

We can now add ice cream to their other good stuff (Mac & Cheese, and their cupcakes).

I asked who provides their ice cream and they said most of them are "Lee's" which I have never heard of. Googling found a place in Blairsville PA, and a more likely one in Baltimore MD. I had the Cookies & Cream which was pretty good, The Bride had the Creamsicle flavor which she enjoyed.

Jun 02, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Ice Cream Sundaes - CC West?

oy, for better or for worse.... we needed a Sundae fix so we took the bus crosstown to Franklin Fountain on Sunday.

First, I had the Mt. Vesuvius but made with Ginger ice cream. It was fantastic, somehow the malt powder, spiciness of the ginger, and hot fudge just made for a great flavor combination.

The place had the line out the door as usual. It seems like most of the people in line were foreign tourists but as a local we were happy to partake in the international environment of an authentic "American" ice cream parlor!

May 26, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Seeking kosher caterer in Philadelphia

Axelrod food designs did a great job with our son's bris with a great spread of nice bagels, lox (very high quality lox) and other fish, and good quiches. I think they do a lot of delivery platters. Their website shows a menu with extensive hot entrees as well.

May 21, 2009
JugglerDave in Kosher

Ice Cream Sundaes - CC West?

The Bride and I have been hit hard by ice cream sundae cravings without having to go all the way across town to Franklin Fountain. Is there a place that we just aren't thinking of (casual restaurant, take out place, or anywhere else) that has a normal, scoops-of-ice-cream-with-hot-fudge kind of sundae? Or even just scooped ice cream?

Just to give an idea of what we're talking about...

Pumpkin Market 16th / South doesn't have hot fudge. Otherwise it's got the scoops.
Capogiro, while fantastic, isn't the same thing.
Scoops De Ville focuses on mixins and may not even have hot fudge.
Ritas... bleh.
La Va apparently stopped serving ice cream two years ago.
Andro's is closed.

Any help before it gets to 90 again is appreciated!

May 04, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Why is garlic bread such a problem child?

Growing up, "Hungarian Garlic Bread" was as follows:

Sliced Rye Bread.
Pan Fry in hot oil until golden brown
Cut a clove of garlic
Rub rub rub until clove is gone
Sprinkle salt.

I think the deep-fry gave it a little extra 'zing' of yummy.

Apr 27, 2009
JugglerDave in General Topics

Looking for bakeries in Philly

In the Manayunk neighborhood, there is a small neighborhood Italian bakery called Marchiano's which makes an amazing "Oreganata", a round ring of spiral-rolled bread with tons of olive oil and spices (I like the hot version which is very peppery-hot). They also have great "stuffed breads" which are really lunch entrees, fantastic tomato pie too. Go early or order ahead because they sell out.

Apr 06, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia - Best Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak

Hmmm, so what are the qualities of 'the best' buffalo chicken cheesesteak?

- Using a high quality blue-cheese dressing instead of "Sysco-in-a-drum"?
- Quality of the chicken? Is it the pre-formed loaf or real chicken?
- The wing sauce is key, I guess that could vary widely from place to place.

I'm curious since I love very spicy wing sauce and some places might just use a splash of tabasco.

Feb 03, 2009
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Bike and nosh suggestions

thanks for the bike advice (and feel free to suggest great alternate routes... along with noshes along the way so it's CH on topic).

I'm a veteran of 6000+ miles of cycling in and around Center City Philadelphia so I'm very comfortable with urban cycling and its challenges.

Dec 11, 2008
JugglerDave in New Orleans

peppermint extract TODAY in philly

Just today I read (in a non-food related context) getting Peppermint Oil at Whole Foods.

You also might want to call and see if Fante's on 9th St. is open late since it is holiday season. They have a wide selection of cake/baking supplies and may have it.

Dec 09, 2008
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania

Salty caramels in Philly

Along the same lines (non-artisan), Trader Joe's has "Fleur de Sel" caramels at $8 for 14 oz in a round woodenesque box. I bought some last night; they are OK but not great. I wanted more butter flavor.

Dec 05, 2008
JugglerDave in Pennsylvania