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Hamilton Area Update

Randy's is outstanding. Like Chuck's, you may have to wait, but it is worth it. Take out only, but the Baltic egg bun and hand cut fries are awesome. I'm not a condiment guy, but they are home made and supposedly very good.

Desserts or bakeries in Hamilton?

Best Cupcakes - Beyond the Batter (Stoney Creek) was a clear winner in blind taste tests. Westdale Cupcakes also deserve honourable mention.
Best Coffee - Red Hill Coffee Trade is a local roaster that has an outlet in the Farmer's Market. Although I enjoy My Dog Joe/Mulberry Street. Detour (Dundas) also roasts some interesting beans, although I find their espresso roasts a bit acidic.
Best Buttertarts -Diemant's (Dundas), while Lina's at the Farmer's Market deserves honourable mention.
Best Doughnuts - authentic butter (no lard!) at Weil's of Westdale are available on saturdays only. Grandad's is great if you want a fresh Canadian style doughnut like Tim Horton's used to make before they sold out and flash froze everything.
Best Cannoli - Frank's Sicilia Bakery at Barton/Sherman, Pane Del Sole on John N. In the East End - Miceli and Roma Bakeries are boss.

Hamilton rec needed

I would agree that La Cantina fits that description best. Bread Bar on Locke St. would give you comparable pizza and chic atmosphere, but its not as convenient to downtown. Na Roma is the best pizza overall, but it is casual/upscale counter service. If you want more of an old school family style Italian-American atmosphere, Valentino's Westdale and Capri on John N. fit the bill. If you're looking for the best Italian downtown, my personal favourite is for Claudio's Ristorante on Jackson St (no pizza though). Ancaster - not sure.... Enjoy

Recommendations for the Harbour Diner in Hamilton?

I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to breakfast, so i usually get the Harbour. I've had the waffles, which were quite good. They usually have a list of interesting brunch specials in the $10 -17 range if you are in the mood for something a little more fancy.

Niagara Falls help!

Ponte Vecchio was very good when I went there on a comp. I don't think i would go there otherwise. If you want a great Italian meal for a third of the price, head to Casa Antica over the bridge in Lewiston, NY. Nice ambience and good quality American-Italian and almost cheaper than you can make yourself.

Good Food in Hamilton?!

I have found that Mississauga has a few gems. For Italian, I think Rogues on Dundas St/ Erin Mills is the best. I have had nice meals at Michael's Back Door in Pt Credit and Ali Olio at City Centre. If you decide to make the trip to Hamilton, Claudio's Ristorante in the Corktown area is my all time favourite for formal Italian dining. The price is at the high end for Hamilton, but well worth it.

Hamilton ex-pats: Roma/slab pizza in Toronto?

The Zarcone ( Zarky's ) slabs are great value, which is another "made in Hamilton" Italian tradition by the way. Their deli and ready to serve items are good quality for the price, and work when you're no where near Roma Bakery of Stoney Creek. In the on the shelf /ready made category, I'd still give Roma the edge.


2180 Itabashi Way, Burlington, ON L7M5A5, CA

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

This may be out of the way for some, but Grandad's Donuts in Hamilton (James North @ Burlington St) has restored the glory that was once Tim Horton. They are Canadian style made fresh on site - Boston Cream is ridiculous and Vanilla Dip is as big as your head. Their coffee beats Hortons as well. A Grandad's donut and a nice coffee chaser on a rainy day will make you weep for the Tim Horton's you remember from your childhood. Be thankful if it is not near your house, because it can do some damage if you ate these all the time.

Grandad's Donuts
211 George St, Dunnville, ON N1A2T5, CA

Italian grocery in Hamilton

I think KitchenVoodoo might be talking about Calabria Supermarket on Locke St. S. It changed to an Asian supermarket during the rough years after Italian immigrants fled to the burbs. Ironically, that type of store would be a gold mine now, given the gentrification of North Kirkendall neigbourhood and the upscale food services currently available on that street.

Hamilton Food and Drink Fest - early April 2011 - worth it?

I was able to attend last year and found it fairly decent - not terribly overpriced. I am not a huge fan of standing and eating. It is worth checking out at least once, but I personally would use it as a jump off point to the James North Art Crawl that will be happening on the Friday. Local restaurants on the Gallery Strip fill up and the atmosphere is really fun, especially if the weather cooperates.

Is there any good place in Hamilton ON for a business lunch?

I'll give you Toronto and Montreal, but I'm sure Hamilton can take the Pepsi challenge with Halton and do just fine. Too bad about your koosh meal - I had a great experience at Koosh. I took a friend who is a nutrition expert and pretty fussy - he loved it as well. The waitress was very young and slighly inexperienced, but very sympatico and professional. I would suggest Claudio's Ristorante for real professional waiters and excellent Italian food. Ridiculous amounts of parking nearby - even some free spots behind if you tell them you're coming.