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Best Dishes 2014

+1 for Bar Isabel's Basque Cake.
I'll add their whole fish ceviche to the list.

L'Express or Les 400 Coups (or something else based on the following....)

i called hotel herman! but they're closed on tuesdays :(.
i'll look into vin papillon...sounds interesting. thanks so much!

L'Express or Les 400 Coups (or something else based on the following....)

Looking for an awesome quintessential Montreal meal that won't break the bank (Europa would be too expensive)....Something with a nice vibe i.e. intimate yet hip & happening but not over the top loud & trendy. too much to ask?
I'd love to try Joe Beef but can't get a rez for July 8.

I can't choose! Marc Forgione, Louro or Pearl & Ash for a Sunday night. Who's been to all and has a strong preference?

These all seem adored by this board and I can't decide! MF and Louro have been on my radar for a long time (I'm coming from Toronto) but Pearl & Ash looks great too.
I like the creativity of all the menus and the price line is what I'm looking for (don't care about the wine or cocktail list).
How different are they in terms of atmosphere?
Going to The NoMad the night before.
Thank you in advance.

May 06, 2014
todc1996 in Manhattan

Seaweed Salad

Costco at Wilson & Dufferin has it!!!!

Any idea of wait time at Txikito on a Saturday night for a table of 3 (at 8ish)?

just got a rez...thanks!!!

Sep 03, 2013
todc1996 in Manhattan

Any idea of wait time at Txikito on a Saturday night for a table of 3 (at 8ish)?

Also, do they call or text you if your table is ready? And what is a fun spot to grab a drink nearby if there is a wait?
(They don't take reservations, correct???)

Sep 03, 2013
todc1996 in Manhattan

Toronto hound needs a little advice (and confirmation) on my pending Washington visit.

My mom & I are doing a Washington sightseeing tour next weekend. We have 3 nights. I'm pretty sure about the first 2 nights but need help for our 3rd night.
Friday night we're booked for an early dinner at Rasika
Saturday night at Masa 14
Sunday I'm torn between Birch and Barley vs. Oyamel. I know they're not exactly directly comparable. (they both have availability)
Mexican food is lacking in Toronto so I'm leaning towards the latter but could be swayed either way. Which is best in terms of atmosphere & value? We're staying in Dupont Circle if that makes a difference at all.

Toronto Hound Needs A Little Help...

Thanks nsxtasy!! That's exactly the response I was looking for.....I haven't even contemplated brunches & snacks...That's a whole other endeavour!

Mar 28, 2013
todc1996 in Chicago Area

Toronto Hound Needs A Little Help...

3 nights the end of April. Here's what I'm thinking:

I have Sable booked for sure on the Saturday night...this one I'm 100% sure of.
Sunday night I booked GT fish & oyster (couldn't get a reasonable time on the Friday or saturday night I'm there).
Friday night I'm torn between Moto, Sprout & Mexique

Looking for interesting, buzzy atmosphere, maybe a little romantic (are those oxymorons?)...and of course incredible food.
Opinions? I'm leaning towards sprout...but Mexique sounds really interesting.
Is GT happening on a Sunday night or should I consider something else?
Thanks in advance!

Mar 27, 2013
todc1996 in Chicago Area

Anyone been to The Paintbox lately?

I have reservations tomorrow night but the most recent posts were from the fall....recommendations?

Fun business dinner downtown?

If you're willing to head west to Ossington (Ossington & Dundas) I would suggest The Saint. Sounds like what you're looking for.

noisy restaurants, as of Jan 2013


Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2013 voting

Harbord Room

For a food group in Toronto: The Grove, Farmhouse Tavern, Keriwa Cafe, or ?

what about woodlot? they have a great vegetarian menu.

Saturday night in December- party of 6- food and scene?

agree about the saint. what about weslodge? not my cup of tea but definitely a scene.
bent fits the bill as well but they don't take reservations.

No reservations, where to go?

swish by han (maybe not that great for 'settling in'), cava, bestellen, the playpen, the saint, fishbar, lee...all have reservations available on open table.
i've been to all of the above...if you can get a booth at the saint, i find that it's cozy with great service and allows for leisurely meal).

Where to go for drinks and apps tomorrow?

The Saint
Harbord Room

Resto recommendation for bday celebration with twelve 20-something-girls??

Supermarket in Kensington Market sounds like what you're looking for.

Nota Bene...worth it?

Nota Bene is on 30% off the entire bill including booze...makes the prices more palatable...i've never had a bad meal there. i actually find it a nice place to linger and i do find it's a big, open, sleek room. different than your above, previous experiences.

One of the best comment by a food critic - Amy Pateki on Susur Lee's 'Bent'

+ 1
i've been there twice and enjoyed it immensely both times. it's playful & fun. the hostess is sweet (no 'tude) and the servers are doing their jobs well...i personally can't stand the over-describing every item on the plate (i've read the menu- i ordered it!) but that's what they've been told to do.....i don't think it's trying to be splendido or per se.
re: the decor...again, creative, playful and fun. my biggest complaint about this place is the's loud!

Relatively quiet with good food in the East end of Toronto?

i went to the playpen (gerrard & carlaw) last friday night. it was definitely condusive to conversation. the food was tasty...not necessarily mind blowing but some of it was creative and interesting. the service was attentive & friendly and the decor funky but not over the top. i also thought the prices were really reasonable.
would definitely recommend.

Fun Birthday Dinner Ideas in Toronto

what about swish by han?
pravda? i haven't eaten there but i heard the food is not bad (russian food?)....i've walked by during their dinner hours (before it turns into a night club) and looked like an interested place to eat with a group. the atmosphere & decor is certainly unique....then you can just stay there after dinner and drink & dance the night away!

Dinner around Yonge & Front

i haven't been to the 3 restaurants you mentioned in years...haven't heard much about them.
i'll second swish by han for fun & yum.
everything else that comes to mind would definitely have a 'corporate' crowd. especially on a thursday night...o & b, ki, blowfish, beerbistro.

Yonge/Avenue Rd and Bloor?

if yonge & summerhill isn't too far, the terroni's (upstairs) or bar centrale (downstairs) is fun. i prefer bar centrale but it's definitely more cramped on the lower level. upstairs, the terroni's menu is the regular terroni's menu (which i 'like', don't love) but the space is really nice upstairs and good for a group.

Large Group looking for Downtown Toronto Restaurant!

Supermarket in Kensington Market

Keriwa Cafe

wondering the same thing...we're booked for saturday night. now i'm re-thinking!

Food suggestions for a bday

Starfish or George would both fit the bill.

Keriwa or bestellen? Or somewhere else to take a new yorker that takes reservations for this Saturday...

thanks for the replies!
foxley's doesn't take reservation....i like foxley but not 'special' or interesting enough.
campagnolo or enoteca? not sure i want to take a new yorker for italian here.
really really don't love buca (am i the only one??)
and gusto falls into the no reservation (not eating at 6:30!), italian category.....
hmmm.....right now i'm booked at bestellen....guess i'll keep it for now....the saint has time at 9 which is fine...are you suggestion the saint over bestellen??

Keriwa or bestellen? Or somewhere else to take a new yorker that takes reservations for this Saturday...

I know it's last minute but need some help. Looking for great food first (of course) but something that also has a buzzy vibe. My guests first time in Toronto and has one night. Any food type any price. Something that shows him what toronto has to offer.