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Where can I find black sesame seeds?

Any Asian store, Big Carrot and Bulk Barn (where I buy mine)/

Which pots/pans should I buy in cast iron, which in stainless steel, and which in copper?

For cooking I like my basic aluminum pots - I love Lagostina. But you must have at least one copper pot - you can get a really good one from Pottery Barn or specialty cooking stores. Copper conducts heat evenly, so if you ever need to make fantasstic sauces, dessert fillings or just need to simmer things on low heat for a while, they are perfect. And very pretty too. I wouldn't recommend buying a huge one, since they are very expensive to begin with, a small one - 2L would be just perfect (keep in mind that stuff sometime splatters, so you might want a 3L one if you're cooking for a family or a gathering).

Jan 02, 2011
lovemysweets in Cookware

Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches

Nothing beats the Spadina sadwiches though. There used to be 3 shops in the stretch, now there are only 2. Can't remember the name of the place, but it's just two shops down from the restaurant with a cow as it's logo. Sorry to be vague.

Smoked tofu in Toronto?

Big Carrot - Danforth or Noah's Natural Foods (Bloor and St. George)

Noah's Natural Foods
322 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

Good poutine in Toronto?

OMG! You have to try the Poutenerie on Queens Street, by Drakes hotel!

Where to buy cake on New Years Day?

Get some frozen cakes - serious. I think Mcains is not such a horrible idea and get some berries from the local fruit store and whipping cream cans. MIx the whole thing together in a crazy kinda way.

Which is Better - Fressen or Calico?

For dinner - Fressen - if you have the time. I had the portabello steak and the avocado choclate cake.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V2B2, CA

Dark chocolate cocoa..where are you?

I use Valrona when I bake. It's a french cocoa company, but they cocoa actually tastes yummy and adds the extra kick, as opposed to Baker's cocoa which just gets into your lungs and tastes harsh and metalic

Sushi on Bloor: Am I missing something?

I always order the Bento Boxes - which I love there. We have been going there as our downtown treat for 10 years. They are tasty and cheap - the empasis on the tasty. With cheap meals - $10 range, it's hit and miss and I've had a lot worse Beton Boxes for $25 dollars.